Cleaning solutíon for CO2 diffusers and aquarium decoration

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  • For effortless removal of algae and other organic soiling from technical equipment and decorative items
  • Easy to use: dilute 1:10 with water, place in a metal-free container and put in soiled items for 1 h. Then rinse thoroughly with tap water
  • An integrated chlorine compound dissolves all the organic contaminants without scrubbing or further effort, leaving items looking like new
  • Not suitable for use on wood, plants or other living organisms. When cleaning decorative elements, first test in a less visible spot
  • Package contents: 1000 ml concentrate for 10 prepared cleaning solution in resealable bottle
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Product information

The JBL cleaner ProClean Power ensures a fast and effective cleaning of diffusers, aquarium technical items and aquarium decoration.

Easy to use
Place soiled diffusers and objects in suitable containers (no metal) and pour the cleaning solution over them. Leave to soak for about 12 hours. Thoroughly rinse the cleaned items with tap water.

Immerse porous decorative objects in JBL ProClean Power only for a short time and brush them off. Then immerse in tap water for 3 days and renew the water daily.

Different types of soiling:
In aquariums and terrariums you usually have to deal with 2 types of soiling: lime residue (whitish deposits above the water surface and cover panes) and organic soiling such as algae coatings and brush algae on decoration and technical products. You can quickly and easily remove limescale residues with JBL ProClean Aqua in aquariums and JBL ProClean Terra in terrariums. JBL ProClean Power helps with organic soiling.

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Art. no.:
EAN Code:
1000 ml
10 l
Volume packaging:
1.700 l
Gross weight:
1067.000 g
Net weight:
1020 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
80/275/80 mm

Technical Data

Height:275 mm
Length:80 mm
Width:80 mm
diameter:80 mm
How do I clean the reaction vessel properly?

It should be washed by hand. The plastic may be damaged in a dishwasher. A washing-up brush, bottle brush or JBL WishWash can be used in addition. JBL PowerClean or BioClean A can be used as a cleaning solution to remove coarse dirt and make cleaning possible.

How do I clean the reaction vessel of the ProFlora BioCo2 set properly?

It should be washed by hand. The plastic may be damaged in a dishwasher. A washing-up brush, bottle brush or JBL WishWash can be used in addition. JBL PowerClean or BioClean A can be used as a cleaning solution to remove coarse dirt.



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