O JBL Calendário de Advento 2019

Today’s Advent Calendar door



background image

With the JBL Santa nobody goes empty-handed. Today he has selected a beautiful background picture for you, which will give your desktop or smartphone a new touch. Download it for free using the button. Congratulations on your prize and Merry Christmas. Ho-Ho-Ho!

(3840 ✕ 2160)
(1920 ✕ 1080)

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Video: JBL LED SOLAR aquarium lamps with ideal light for plants

Are you looking for the perfect, energy-saving LED lighting for your aquarium? With the JBL LED SOLAR NATUR you get modern LED lighting, which can be adjusted to 3 different colour temperatures by remote control (included).

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JBL TV #1: Why do plants need a CO2 system in the aquarium?

In this video, biologist Heiko Blessin explains why plants need CO2 at all, why aquarium plants have different requirements and how to connect a JBL CO2 system. CO2 fertilisation for aquariums has never been explained more simply or more understandably!

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When snails in the aquarium become a problem

Snails are welcome inhabitants in the aquarium and fulfil important tasks. However, there are also snail species that are hermaphroditic and seem to reproduce uncontrollably when a large food supply is present.

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Moving With Your Aquarium – The Checklist

But wait, how do I transport my aquarium(s) from A to B? What ’s important here? We have put together a checklist-like post that explains the process, so you won’t forget anything.

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