JBL Workshop Vietnam 2013

German food for Vietnamese animals

Before they left for Vietnam, each participant received a parcel with different things. These included JBL food cans for outdoor feeding trials. That way everyone could see for themselves how wildlife fish reacted to the JBL fish food, which they never had eaten before. This then was discussed during the regular evening meetings. Apart from one participant, everyone confirmed that ALL fish species were eating the food without hesitation. Sometimes there was a real feeding frenzy. Marine food was definitely accepted by freshwater fish more hesitantly. And conversely marine fish reacted visibly more slowly to the freshwater food. The smell of the type of food is dependent on the ingredients, which – depending on the type of use - are selected by the JBL development department. Thus JBL uses suitable marine algae for its marine food and appropriate ingredients from the area of freshwater for freshwater food.