Unknown cichlid of the 2010 JBL Workshop 2010 in Tanzania has been identified

The course of a small stream at the base of Mount Meru was investigated during the 2010 JBL Workshop. The participants caught a cichlid among other animals, which was also unknown to the participating cichlid specialist, Dr. Stephan Koblmüller of the University of Graz.

A female of this species was photographed in a photo aquarium and a tissue sample was taken from the fins.

The DNA analysis was performed later at the University of Graz and compared with existing DANN sequences. The result was published in an extensive scientific study in the “Journal of Fish Biology (2011, 79, 1356-1369)”.

The cichlid is now called “Haplochromis sp ngare nanyuki”. The name stems from the region where the JBL workshop participants caught this cichlid (Ngare Nanyuki).

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