Air induction without danger of flooding in the living room

Many aquarium keepers increase the oxygen content in the water through the attachment of an air injection nozzle (venturi system) on the water outlet of their internal filter. But should a clogging occur (e.g. because of a snail), the water will be pressed out through the hose of the air injection nozzle. Anyone who was unfortunate enough to leave this hose outside the aquarium, is then “rewarded” with a wetland habitat inside the living room.

JBL has put an end to this unwanted flooding by furnishing the new JBL VenturiSet with a safety valve. This prevents the water backflow by allowing the air flow in one direction only. In addition the air flow rate is finely adjustable. It is suitable for all filters with 12/16 mm connection, such as the JBL CristalProfi i internal filters.

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