What kids and grownups wish – the happy world of jellyfish

A survey has yielded astonishing results: Adults find jellyfish replicas in aquariums just as attractive as children do! This has prompted JBL to put out a new range of jellyfish replicas for all glibber Fans. In the JBL MotionDeco line , you can obtain the new JBL Medusa individually and as a set, as well as in two sizes.

The jellyfish (suited for both fresh water and salt water) are fastened to the bottom of the tank with a transparent string and holder and then float around the tank, and are even fluorescent in the dark.

A movie on YouTube showing a similar jellyfish in an aquarium had more than 300 hits in just a short time. Even sceptics of “plastic in aquariums” find these new jellyfish endearing.

Inoltre ... JBL MotionDeco Medusa XL BLUE

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