The UV children are being renamed

To make the product names easier to understand the energy-saving lamps for terrariums from JBL are being renamed. The UV name affix in numbers is going to disappear (e.g. JBL ReptilDesert UV 300) and be replaced by the wattage (e.g. ReptilDesert UV-Light 15 W).

The complete range of energy-saving lamps for terrariums now includes 4 types of lamps with different wattages:

  • JBL ReptilDesert UV Light in 15 and 23 W for reptiles who need UV light,
  • JBL ReptilDesert Daylight without UV in 24 W and 6500 °K colour temperature (cold-white),
  • JBL ReptilJungle UV Light in 15 and 23 W for animals with low UV demand,
  • JBL ReptilJungle Daylight without UV in 24 W and 4000 °K colour temperature (warm-white)

In the future the energy efficiency class will be indicated for all aquarium and terrarium lamps, just as we already know it from refrigerators and other electrical appliances.

To understand the classification it is useful to have a little background knowledge: The JBL ReptilDesert Daylight 24W e JBL ReptilJungle Daylight 24W will receive the energy efficiency class A, because they transform the whole energy into visible light. Whereas the UV-containing lamps JBL ReptilDesert UV Light UV and JBL ReptilJungle UV Light UV, emit UV radiation in addition to the visible light and receive therefore „only“ the energy efficiency class B. UV-emitting lamps CAN NEVER belong to the energy efficiency class A.

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