The JBL Euro Football Competition 2021

Go straight to the final. Betting on the results is fun and JBL already has two winners in the final. Choose between the PROPOND front runner and the secret favourite of the CRISTALPROFI/PROCRISTAL Association for your matching product pack and, with a bit of luck, win the product set you tipped on, worth over 400 euros. But don't worry, nobody will go home empty-handed, because once again we’re offering attractive consolation prizes for each participant. The JBL referee has something in store for you too. Wait and see.

Choose your team:

PROPOND set consists of: JBL PROPOND AUTOFOOD, JBL PROPOND STAPLE 11kg, JBL PROPOND dosing cup and JBL pond landing net M coarse, JBL PROAQUATEST Combi Pond.

The CRISTALPROFI/PROCRISTAL set consists of: JBL CristalProfi greenline (sized to suit your aquarium), JBL FilterStart, JBL FilterBoost and a JBL PROCRISTAL UV-C Compact (sized to suit your aquarium).

Unfortunately the competition is finished already. Shortly you will find another competition here. Simply look in again later.


Gerhard Steinert, isabelle ricerne

It’s that simple

Simply answer the question by July 11, 2021, select your desired XXL product pack in case you win the match and take part. One winner will be determined via random drawing from all participants for each product set and will be notified directly by e-mail of their prize, worth over 400 euros. All participants who have successfully completed the three steps will automatically receive a consolation prize and be informed by email at the end of the competition period.

PROPOND set consists of: JBL PROPOND AUTOFOOD, JBL PROPOND STAPLE 11kg, JBL PROPOND dosing cup and JBL pond landing net M coarse, JBL PROAQUATEST Combi Pond.

How many JBL products do you own?


JBL TV #23: Cloudy water in the aquarium? These measures will help!

We’ll go through all the different types of cloudiness and discolouration, explaining how to treat each one.

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The JBL Interns - Our first day on the premises!

Hi folks, Tim here. As announced in the last blog post, my second week coincided with the first time in ages we were able to work in-office again. But it meant a really early start for me.

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Lime precipitation in the pond - Where does the cloudiness come from?

When there is cloudiness in the garden pond, our first reaction is that it’s algae or swirled up excess mud at the bottom. And more often than not this assumption is correct and the cloudiness is caused by excess phosphates and insufficient maintenance.

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