The winter weather in 2014/2015 has had an impact on the garden pond

According to the evaluations of the German Meteorological Service, more than 50% of the average rainfall for January had already fallen in the first 13 days of the month in many regions of Germany. At some measuring points the rainfall exceeded the monthly average by as much as 125 %.

In some regions December 2014 also showed more rainfall than in the long-term average. Some stations in North Germany recorded more than 160% of the usual rainfall for December, whereas the eastern parts of the country tended to be dry.

All in all the winter has been too warm until now and far too wet. This high rainfall has had an impact on the water in the pond. Because there is no ice cover, and with no frost period in sight in the coming weeks, the rain will continue to fall into the garden pond, resulting in diluted water with fewer minerals. Even if this has not yet had an effect on the stability of the pond water as regards its pH values, the pH value will start to increase rapidly in the growing season, as soon as it gets warmer, and this will create an immense physiological stress for the pond fish.

Best time to stabilize the pond water with JBL StabiloPond Basis . JBL StabiloPond basis supplies the pond water with the minerals lost by dilution, in an ideal ratio between general hardness and carbonate hardness, and thus shelters your pond fish.

Because of the generally low water temperatures the dissolution of von JBL StabiloPond basis will take somewhat longer. Don't be surprised if the added powder sinks and only dissolves very slowly. This is actually an advantage because the increase of the water values is taking place more slowly as well.

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