With sharks in ice-cold water – just for a photo!

With the   JBL FLOATY Shark , JBL has a magnetic glass pane cleaner in its range that is suitable for glass up to 3 cm thickness. But where can you take a photo in an aquarium with 3 cm glass?

The Sea Life Center in Speyer allowed JBL Expedition Leader Heiko Blessin to take photos at the shark & ray tank. And because they have such a good relationship, Heiko was even allowed into the aquarium to take a photo of the glass pane cleaner from the fish's perspective under water.

With the water temperature at about 12 °C, he went into the aquarium to join the sharks, rays, groupers and other Atlantic coldwater fish.

After the photo work was done, there was still enough time to play with the fish. The rays in partic-ular are very trusting and even enjoy a belly rub. The catsharks are laid back and rest on your out-stretched hand.

The Sea Life staff, led by Arndt Hadamek, and the fish had so much fun that future photo and film event are now in planning.... 

© 06.06.2021
Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

Tauchen, Fotografie, Aquaristik, Haie, Motorrad


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