Video: Replacing the UV lamp - Maintaining clear water in the pond and aquarium

With the help of a UV-C lamp, the water in the aquarium and pond becomes crystal clear and any cloudiness is eliminated within 24 hours. We will show you how easy it is to replace a UV-C burner. The video features a warning overlay telling you not to touch new UV-C burners with your bare fingers. The skin grease forms a film on the burner and can shorten the life of the burner. UV-C lamps are the most effective and easiest way to remove cloudiness from garden pond water / aquarium water. A distinction is made between greenish cloudiness, also called green water, which is caused by floating algae, and whitish cloudiness, which is caused by bacteria. UV-C radiation helps with both types of cloudiness. It is important that the size (wattage) of the UV-C clarifier matches the pump capacity. If the pump is too powerful, the pond water will flow too quickly past the UV-C radiation in the clarifier and the algae/germ-killing radiation will not be able to take effect. On the JBL homepage you will find a table for each JBL  PROCRISTAL water clarifier water clarifier which recommends a pump size for the corresponding wattage of the UV-C clarifier. A distinction is also made between whether the UV-C clarifier is used to combat algae or a high germ load in the water. More power is needed to combat algae than to reduce the number of germs. 

Are you looking for a replacement burner? You’ll find all the standard sizes here:  JBL Replacement lamp UV-C .

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You’ll find additional information worth knowing about UV-C in the garden pond here: UV-C water clarifier .

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Heiko Blessin

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