The PUSH for the myJBL Community

Have you seen them? The PUSH messages from JBL are here. So what does this mean for you? What benefits do they bring?

Before you read on, don't worry! We’ll keep it short. It's a service that brings you more benefits as a myJBL Community member.

For example, you will be the first to hear about new products, receive special offers or get access to competitions and new content from the myJBL world before everyone else.

You can do all this in just a few seconds by activating the PUSH messages with just two clicks and, of course, deactivate them again at any time. This service is provided free of charge by JBL GmbH & Co. KG and will be used very sparingly, but in a targeted manner. Small freebies, free gifts or exclusive insights are thus guaranteed.

How do I register?

You’ll find on our homepage , the JBL website or in the myJBL Community area a green box which activates the PUSH messages with a large button. All you have to do is click on "Allow" and it's done. In less than 3 seconds.

As confirmation, our welcome message will appear immediately to show that the registration was successful. Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits.

By the way, your registration status is always visible in the footer of the website and can be changed.

What is a PUSH notification?

Web notifications or browser notifications are often referred to as PUSH messages/notifications and are a message from a website operator to the desktop and/or mobile devices of its users.

The messages are displayed in the status bar of the mobile device or, frequently, at the bottom of the screen on desktop devices. In addition to a title, an image and a link to a description of the topic are possible. The PUSH notifications can be subscribed to with just one click.

A look ahead

This is for sure: we are constantly expanding the range of our services. Is there an answer from a support ticket waiting for you? The push message will let you know. Are you waiting for an update on your order or would you like to know whether your expedition registration has been accepted? Get the message urgently via PUSH.

Frequent visits to our website or taking part in competitions can also trigger a PUSH message that provides you with further benefits or access - as a reward. You don't want to receive every PUSH message, but only for special topic categories? You can make a selection. It's easy and it’s free of charge, of course. We are bubbling over with ideas because this new technology will enable so much added value for you in the myJBL community.

So ... sign up and benefit from this service now - we’ll keep you informed about further developments.

Do you have any questions or requests for the notification system? Feel free to use the comment function in our blog. I‘m looking forward to your feedback.

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PUSH-Nachrichten von JBL

Als Teil des W3C-Standards definieren Web-Benachrichtigungen eine API für Endbenutzer-Benachrichtigungen, die über den Browser Benachrichtigungen an die Desktop- und / oder Mobilgeräte der Nutzer gesendet werden. Auf den Endgeräten erscheinen Benachrichtigungen, wie sie der Endnutzer von auf dem Gerät installierten Apps kennt (bspw. E-Mails).

Diese Benachrichtigungen ermöglichen es einem Webseitenbetreiber seine Nutzer so lange zu kontaktieren, wie seine Nutzer einen Browser offen haben - ungeachtet dessen, ob der Nutzer gerade die Webseite besucht oder nicht.

Um Web-Push-Benachrichtigungen senden zu können, braucht man nur eine Website mit einem installierten Web-Push-Code. Damit können auch Marken ohne Apps viele Vorteile von Push-Benachrichtigungen nutzen (personalisierte Echtzeit-Kommunikationen genau im richtigen Moment.)

Web-Benachrichtigungen sind Teil des W3C-Standards und definieren eine API für Endbenutzer-Benachrichtigungen. Eine Benachrichtigung ermöglicht es, den Benutzer außerhalb des Kontexts einer Webseite über ein Ereignis, wie beispielsweise über eine neuen Blog Beitrag, zu benachrichtigen.

Diesen Service stellt die JBL GmbH & Co. KG kostenlos zur Verfügung, welcher genauso einfach aktiviert, wie deaktiviert werden kann.