Dive into Christmas joy: JBL's top 25 gift tips for aquarium owners 2023

The same question arises every year. What should I get for Christmas? Either your loved one already has everything or hasn’t said what they want. 

Christmas is just a few days away. Are you looking for a suitable gift and don't fancy pots, socks or shower gel under the Christmas tree? Neither do we.

That's why we've picked out the perfect gift tips for you or someone close to you! There are tips for every aquarium owner and their fish - that will put a sparkle under your Christmas tree. 

At JBL we have a wide range of products that not only make the hearts of water lovers beat faster, but also help to transform their aquariums into an impressive underwater paradise. 

In this blog post, we proudly present the 25 best Christmas gift tips for aquarium keepers in 2023, all from our comprehensive and popular range.

1. JBL PROAQUATEST EASY 7in1 – Keeping an eye on 7 water parameters

Let's start with the basis of aquaristics: the water. With the JBL PROAQUATEST EASY 7in1, aquarists can easily and precisely check the most important water parameters, such as pH value, general hardness and nitrite. An indispensable aid for healthy and happy fish.

To the product:  JBL PROAQUATEST EASY 7in1

2. JBL CRISTALPROFI e902 greenline – The most popular filter for crystal clear water

The JBL CRISTALPROFI e902 greenline is more than just a filter. It is the key to crystal clear water. With efficient filtering and energy-efficient operation, it creates ideal conditions in the aquarium.

To the product:  JBL CRISTALPROFI e902 greenline

3. JBL PROSCAN - Smart water analysis with the smartphone

Innovation meets aquaristics: The JBL PROSCAN enables simple and fast water analysis with revolutionary technology. Also ideal for people with colour vision deficiencies or cloudy water with inherent colouration. Dip the test strip into the water, scan the colour reference chart with your smart phone and receive detailed results as well as individual care recommendations for problem values.

To the product:  JBL PROSCAN

4. JBL PRONOVO TAB M – PREMIUM tablets that stick to the aquarium pane

JBL PRONOVO TAB M are the ideal choice for a balanced diet for your bottom-dwelling fish species. These high-quality food tablets provide all the important nutrients and promote the vitality and colouring of your fish. Our tip: They even stick to the aquarium glass with a little pressure.

To the product:  JBL PRONOVO TAB M

5. JBL PROFLORA CO2 PROFESSIONAL SET U - CO2 system for glorious plants

A must for plant lovers: The JBL PROFLORA CO2 PROFESSIONAL SET U is a professional CO2 system with controller that promotes lush plant growth in the aquarium. A gift that brings the underwater landscape to life and makes aquarists' hearts beat faster.


6. JBL Sansibar RIVER - Natural substrate for nature aquariums

JBL Sansibar RIVER creates a natural underwater landscape. This light-coloured and fine gravel not only serves as a substrate, but also gives your aquarium an authentic look and is ideal for many bottom-dwelling fish.

To the product:  JBL Sansibar RIVER

7. JBL PROTEMP S 25 – 300 - Precise heater thermostat for optimum temperatures

The JBL PROTEMP S safety heater thermostats in the 25W to 300W range ensure a constantly correct water temperature in the aquarium. The additional protective cage ensures a high level of safety against shocks. With precise adjustment and a robust design, it is an indispensable companion for aquarium keepers who want to create optimum conditions for their fish.

To the product:  PROTEMP Heater stat external & internal

8. JBL PROAQUATEST LAB - Comprehensive test case for water analysis

With 13 different water parameters, the JBL PROAQUATEST LAB helps you maintain a healthy aquarium. The needs of fish, aquatic plants and water quality are met and easily monitored. An invaluable tool for every aquarium owner. 

To the product:  JBL PROAQUATEST LAB

9. JBL PROCRISTAL i30 - Internal filter for clear conditions

The JBL PROCRISTAL i30 is an efficient internal filter for the smallest aquariums from 10 to 60 litres. It ensures oxygen-rich and crystal-clear water. With its compact design, it is ideal for aquarists who also keep small fish and shrimps - also as a backup filter.

To the product:  JBL PROCRISTAL i30

10. JBL PROAQUATEST LAB Marin - Water analysis set for marine aquariums

For those exploring the fascinating world of seawater aquaristics with fish or reef aquariums, the JBL PROAQUATEST LAB Marin is the perfect choice. The comprehensive test kit for 11 water parameters enables accurate monitoring of water quality to ensure the health of fish and corals.

To the product:  JBL PROAQUATEST LAB Marin

11. JBL FLOATY L/XL BLADE - Floating algae magnet with blade for a clear view

The JBL FLOATY BLADE in sizes L and XL makes cleaning the aquarium panes a breeze. Thanks to its floating design, it is always close to hand, even if you lose the inner part. The additional blade cleans even stubborn stains. Perfect for a clear view in your aquarium.

To the product:  JBL FLOATY BLADE

12. JBL PROCRISTAL UV-C Compact plus 5 W – 36 W - UV-C clarifier for crystal clear water

The JBL PROCRISTAL UV-C Compact plus in the sizes 5 W, 11 W, 18 W and 36 W are UV-C water clarifiers that effectively combat algae, pathogens and turbidity in the water. Without releasing substances into the water, they ensure a rapid improvement and reduction of germs to support the health of your fish.

To the product:  PROCRISTAL water clarifier

13. JBL ArtemioSet - Breeding set for live food

The JBL ArtemioSet is the ideal gift for aquarists who want to breed live food for their fish. Anyone who had the Yps magazines (German comic book magazines) in the 90s will be familiar with the prehistoric crustaceans. However, they are not only exciting to look at, but with their nauplii immediately after hatching, they are an ideal food for young fish. Slightly larger, they are perfect for fish that only eat live food or as a supplement to dry food. With this set, you can breed Artemia crustaceans easily and effectively yourself and thus ensure optimum nutrition for your fish.

To the product:  JBL ArtemioSet

14. JBL PROCLEAN AQUA IN-OUT COMPLETE - Water change system for effortless cleaning

The JBL PROCLEAN AQUA IN-OUT COMPLETE is a convenient water change system with suction pump and substrate cleaner for connection to the tap. Lugging heavy buckets, large water stains and puddles on the floor are now a thing of the past. A real relief for every aquarium and the aquarium keeper - the water can be drained, the substrate cleaned and the aquarium refilled.


15. JBL PROFLORA AquaBasis plus - Long-lasting plant nutrient substrate for magnificent aquatic plants

JBL PROFLORA AquaBasis plus is a special nutrient substrate that promotes the growth of aquatic plants. It provides all the important nutrients and creates ideal conditions for healthy and strong plants. The clay-based nutrient reservoir retains a consistent effect for 5 years and lightens your load by fertilising the root area of the plants.

To the product:  JBL PROFLORA AquaBasis plus

16. JBL PROHARU RAPID - Instant adhesive for aquarium repair

No aquarium cabinet should be without this gel-like instant adhesive. Unlike conventional superglues, it does not contain any harmful substances for your fish and can help to fix corals, plants or decorative elements in both freshwater and marine aquariums. It is a real all-round talent for repairs, minor touch-ups or design and belongs in every aquarium cabinet.

To the product:  JBL PROHARU RAPID

17. JBL Tropol - Water conditioner for aquarium fish

JBL Tropol is a water conditioner that produces tropical-like water for freshwater fish. It contains humic substances from peat and tannins from oak bark as well as active iodine and thus creates real added value for the aquarium. The light colouring even has a preventative effect against algae thanks to the "sunglasses effect". A must for every biotope aquarium fan and friend of natural underwater landscapes. 

To the product:  JBL Tropol

18. JBL PROFLORA Ferropol - Liquid fertiliser for aquatic plants

A liquid fertiliser that covers all the requirements of aquatic plants in a fish-stocked aquarium and can be easily dosed. This basis fertiliser is JBL PROFLORA Ferropol. Top quality and pure relief for the aquarist. A liquid basis fertiliser that supplies aquatic plants with all the important nutrients. It promotes the growth of aquarium plants, enhances leaf colouring and creates a lively underwater landscape. And what’s more, it can be used safely with both freshwater crayfish and shrimps.

To the product:  JBL PROFLORA Ferropol

19. JBL double stopcock + quick coupling - Flow regulating and connecting

If you want to clean something quickly or pull something out of the cabinet, you no longer have to connect and disconnect, shut off and regulate the flow of all the technical devices in your water circuit. For little money, this creates huge added value for the aquarist - no leaking liquids during maintenance and no annoying dirt on the cabinet below. The robust plastic makes it durable and it’s suitable for seawater too.

To the product:  JBL double stopcock+quick coupling

20. JBL Acclimol - Support for new fish and after an aquarium conversion

Acclimol activates the body's resistance to disease and ensures a stress-free start when introducing new fish. Acclimol is also recommended after work in the aquarium and when transporting fish. With its multivitamin complex, this water conditioner makes acclimatisation easier so that they can quickly get used to their new environment. An important tool for every aquarist to protect their fish. 

To the product:  JBL Acclimol

21. JBL ClipSafe vario – Adjustable multi-purpose hose clip for 9-27 mm

A holder that’s like a third hand when you’re changing the water. It holds almost all common hose diameters of filters, UV-C devices and water change sets securely and firmly in place. Whether on the edge of the bucket, the edge of the aquarium or other objects. The hose is held securely in place and the aquarist's hands are free. This also prevents unwanted puddles of water. A real boon that only a few people know about. 

To the product:  JBL ClipSafe Vario

22. JBL PRONOVO BITS GRANO S & M - Granulate for discus & other demanding cichlids from South America

A specially developed complete food for discus fish and other demanding cichlids. It is prebiotic, sinking and has a high level of acceptance. The specially processed fibre in the food provides the beneficial intestinal bacteria with food for healthy digestion. It thus meets the specific nutritional requirements of these fascinating fish species. The composition is complemented by natural raw ingredients without artificial additives for a natural diet and healthy cichlids. Tested during JBL research expeditions in the tropics. A state of the art food for every keeper of discus and South American cichlids.


23. JBL PlanktonPur - High quality plankton food

One box, 8 convenient sticks. Contains high-quality zooplankton (whole molluscs and crustaceans) as a supplementary feed treat for freshwater and marine fish. It not only tastes good to the fish but is also great fun for the feeder. The acceptance of this pure natural product without preservatives is huge. It is rich in omega 3 + 6 fatty acids and natural astaxanthin.

To the product:  Natural food

24. JBL Manado - Special natural substrate for plant aquariums

Light and with a porous structure, the JBL Manado natural substrate offers all the prerequisites for plant aquariums. It activates the soil flora, has a nutrient buffer and supports root growth. The granulate grains are light and rounded, making them ideal for bottom dwellers such as catfish and loaches. Stored substances are not simply released into the water and can only be absorbed by the roots of the plants. A real enrichment for every plant lover.

To the product:  JBL Manado

25. JBL Biotopol C - Water conditioner especially for shrimps and crustaceans

The right water conditioner is not only important when setting up a new aquarium, it matters every time you change the water. Sensitive invertebrates such as crustaceans and shrimps in particular require increased protection against lead, zinc and copper. The conditioner also contains important minerals that are essential for the formation of the carapace and a concentrated vitamin B complex to protect against stress. Perfect for nano aquarium owners and shrimp and crustacean lovers.

To the product:  JBL Biotopol C

These 25 gift tips from JBL will put a sparkle in any aquarist’s eyes and make their underwater worlds shine in all their splendour. Visit our online shop and discover the variety of our high-quality products. We wish you and your aquarium owners a happy and fish-rich Christmas!

Your JBL Team

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