Would you like to learn some interesting facts about your hobby or have a glimpse behind the scenes at JBL? Our team of experts regularly share tips, knowledge, and further information not to be found on any packaging or product. Use this opportunity to discuss and ask questions. Experience the expert team as never before.

How to solve algae problems successfully for the long term - JBL PhosEx Pond Filter


This filter material binds phosphates and thus deprives the algae of their food source.

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JBL TV #28 Part 2: Aquarium care is so easy! Weekly measures


What do you need to do every week? We explain everything that needs to be done once a week.

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The JBL Autumn Competition 2021


Falling golden leaves are attractive, as long as it’s not your aquarium plants losing their leaves. In the tank, you want your plants shining in rich shades of green and red. We can help you achieve this.

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Using vitamins to protect your pond fish completely - JBL AccliPond


How can you protect your fish from new infections post-catch, purchase, transfer, even after illness?

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What are the differences between our two all-season pond foods JBL PROPOND STAPLE & ALL SEASONS?


JBL has two all-season foods for pond fish in its range - we will show you the differences and benefits.

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The JBL Interns - JBL Aqua-Myths #3


Hi guys, Here comes a new episode of JBL Aqua Myths. This time we’re looking at the following 3 myths...

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JBL TV #28 Part 1: Aquarium care is so easy! Daily measures


How to care for your aquarium properly. What needs doing on a daily basis?

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Tips for cooling the aquarium - lowering the temperature


How do high temperatures affect our aquarium fish? And what can you do about it? Let us tell you!

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Fertilise your pond plants for healthy growth


Pond plants, such as water lilies, need fertiliser too! With our fertiliser balls it's easy and long lasting!

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This will make your pond water crystal clear again in no time at all


Cloudy water and no visibility? Here's how you can get rid of the cloudiness naturally.

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