Animals in the pond

We enjoy watching these animals because it’s like having a simpler reflection of ourselves put before us.

Strictly speaking you have no influence on the animal stock of your pond. You may intend to select and add fish, but fish, invertebrates and amphibians will arrive uninvited too. Unless you own an “indoor pond”, your pond is an open system.

Water birds are probably the most frequent carriers of organisms. They transport plant remains, algae, fish eggs and invertebrate eggs in their faeces or on their body “appendages.”

Don’t be surprised to find fish and snails in your pond, even if you didn’t put them there! Adding new pond plants can also mean introducing new inhabitants. Eggs from various animals can be on the plants and they will then develop in your pond. A few animals will find their way overland on their own. These include frogs, toads and newts.

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