Concealing technical items

How to conceal your technical items and the pond edge.

Only a few tech fans will want to have their technical products on show. Most of us are happy to have the technological benefits of these items without having to look at them. Almost all pond filters can be buried beneath the garden. Their inlet and outlets can also be laid slightly below the lawn. Alternatively filters can be concealed behind the vegetation planted around the pond.

Hiding the pond liner is a little bit more complicated. But even this can be almost completely concealed. First lay the pond liner in the deep part of the pond. When you reach the shallow area with only 10-20 cm depth, build another step on which you can place stones. Lay the liner to the highest point (pond edge) behind these stones and fold it over. Now you can use more stones to seamlessly cover the visible liner edge in the water and on land.

If you have a steep or vertical bank, draw the pond liner vertically upwards to the pond edge and lie it flat on the ground of your garden. Place your stone slabs or wooden planks on top, making sure they overlap the liner and cover it completely.

Please also include an intentional spillway area! In case of extreme rainfall or if you forget to turn off the water after refilling, the pond needs a point where it can overflow without causing damage.

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