UV-C water clarifier

Water clarification with UV-C

Crystal clear water thanks to UV-C water clarifiers

You can make your water crystal clear without any chemicals quickly and easily by using a UV-C water clarifier!

There are three reasons your water becomes cloudy

There are several kinds of cloudiness! That’s what makes troubleshooting different and you have to find out which type of cloudiness it is.

1. Whitish cloudiness

Your bacteria have reproduced exponentially for a number of reasons and have turned your pond water whitish. You may not immediately notice this in your pond, so extract a large glass of water to identify the colour and the type of cloudiness.

2. Green water

Floating algae reproduce when large quantities of nutrients (nitrate & phosphate) are available and in extremely strong light, colouring your water into an opaque green. Only extremely green colouring is noticeable in the pond, so extract a large glass of water to identify the colour and the type of cloudiness.

3. Brownish cloudiness

The reason is often sediment disturbed by fish from the bottom, or by suspended solids clouding the water. You wouldn’t notice this at once in your pond. Extract a large glass of water to identify the colour and the type of cloudiness.

A good water clarifier ( JBL PROCRISTAL UV-C Compact plus 36 W ) will help you tackle the first and second cause by reliably and quickly killing off bacteria and floating algae. The water passes a light bulb inside the device which emits UV-C radiation to kill off the bacteria and floating algae. If you install the UV-C water clarifier IN FRONT OF your pond filter it will catch the dead bacteria and algae and you can remove this the next time you clean the filter.

If your pond filter is still fairly new the use of a UV-C clarifier IN FRONT of the filter would prevent cleansing bacteria from colonising it. Then it’s important to use JBL FilterStart Pond to activate your filter.

Brownish cloudiness needs better and stronger filtering to remove the dirt particles from your pond water effectively. Sometimes the use of a finer filter media ( JBL Fine Filter Foam ) will also help.

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