New Podcast - TROPICAL FEVER from JBL

The JBL podcast "TROPENFIEBER - Hobby meets Nature" is directed at all aquarists, terrarium and pond owners, as well as every nature and travel enthusiast. Guests and listeners will join host Matthias Wiesensee to discover a fascinating underwater world, not to mention the magical aspects of rainforests and deserts. The format, which appears several times a month, completes the content marketing strategy of the family-owned company based in the Palatinate and enables its listeners to access the active research carried out on the JBL research expeditions and the company's close collaboration with sector experts.

The podcast format is the answer to numerous customer requests for deeper insights into the company, the expeditions and our specialist content about aquaristics, terraristics and ponds.

Encouraged by the success of the JBL TV format and around one million monthly readers of the myJBL blog, the Palatinate company based in Neuhofen is expanding its range of content to include a podcast.

The new format can be listened to directly and at any time free of charge and appeals to nature and travel enthusiasts as well as to dedicated hobbyists. It offers exciting content for those longer commutes or for times when video or text are not available. Whether you prefer to have it on in the background, need to pause it or like to listen offline, the medium of podcast can be tailored to suit your listening needs. Subscribe to ensure you don’t miss any new episodes.

Matthias Wiesensee, Head of Digital Marketing and your host, has been working for JBL since 2012 and is a full-blooded aquarist who loves travelling to tropical habitats. He aims to infect you with his enthusiasm and share the insights imparted to him during his work as a marketing and sector specialist with all his listeners.

What listeners can expect in the podcast "TROPENFIEBER - Hobby meets Nature" are interesting personalities and well-known experts who join the host in giving deep insights into exciting topics. From hobbies at home to extreme projects on the other side of the world, the episodes will be filled with powerful stories. True to the invitation "Feel the tropical fever. Get infected. Listen in now", the podcast can be subscribed to wherever podcasts are offered or directly via the website at

Matthias Wiesensee mentioned in the teaser episode: "…We don't want to promise too much, but you’ll be going on a journey with us in each episode. A journey into the habitats of fish, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Reacquaint yourself with the natural world from our hobby’s point of view and discover some valuable specifics. … . We will always be drawn to the fantastic underwater worlds, but we also extend our gaze to tropical rainforests or the hottest habitats in the desert. Our knowledge of natural habitats forms the model for our inhabitants’ aquariums and terrariums. The origin is a source of inspiration.“

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