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Finally - holiday time for the aquarium

Holidays can be a problem for many pets - but not for aquarium inhabitants! An aquarium can get along perfectly well for a few days or even weeks without much care. Malicious tongues claim it’s when it recovers from the keeper.

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JBL TV Guide for Aquarists

If you find thrillers boring and can already sing along with the countless repeats of the feature films on television, you’ll find some entertaining and informative alternatives on JBL TV.

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JBL makes sustainability its top priority

Along with product quality, sustainability issues are a top priority at JBL. The JBL management and the JBL team are not the only ones who care about the issue

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JBL PRONOVO BEL GRANO S finally in 1000 ml

Pet shops, breeders and fish wholesalers are enthusiastic about the new JBL PRONOVO BEL GRANO in mini size S, but not about the tin size. 100 ml is the ideal container size for most aquarists, but some people need more and therefore also want a larger tin!

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Goldfish and fighting fish like insects too

Fighting fish especially with their superior mouths are specialised in hunting for falling insects. In their natural habitats in Asia, there is only a limited supply of plankton food in the water.

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JBL Expedition Colombia 2 is online with pictures and videos

If you’ve never snorkelled in the jungle at high tide, now’s your chance to do it virtually. All the results of our scientific research, 500 photos and lots of internationally unique videos are now available on the JBL website.

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Easter holidays, spring break...and who's going to feed the fish?

Unfortunately, our dear neighbours often prove the worst option when it comes to holiday replacements. They often mean too well with the food amount and when we return from holiday we sometimes find the whole substrate full of food.

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New Podcast - TROPICAL FEVER from JBL

The JBL podcast "TROPENFIEBER - Hobby meets Nature" is directed at all aquarists, terrarium and pond owners, as well as every nature and travel enthusiast. Guests and listeners will join host Matthias Wiesensee to discover a fascinating underwater world, ...

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The latest PRONOVO food from the JBL kitchen

After eight stages the JBL PRONOVO BEL FLUID BABY has been launched to complete the JBL PRONOVO range. It is a liquid food to round off the food range for young fish.

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JBL PROPOND AUTOFOOD 2.0 - better and stronger

Now and then even the JBL development department is surprised at the things that can break on products. An example of this is when the sturdy base plates in automatic pond feeders break.

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TWO JBL Expeditions to the South Seas

Due to an abundance of applications, there will be two JBL South Seas Expeditions in 2023! Another reason is we have now divided them into a diving and a snorkelling group.

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Now also for thick aquarium hoses: JBL double stopcock + quick coupling 19/25

If you want to quickly disconnect your aquarium hoses to carry the filter into the bathroom for cleaning or to service the UV-C water clarifier you’ll greatly appreciate the advantages of a quick-release coupling in the hose connections.

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JBL expands PROFLORA CO2 diffuser range TAIFUN

The small and beautifully shaped CO2 glass diffuser JBL PROFLORA CO2 TAIFUN GLASS MIDI has been extended with a bigger brother and a smaller brother.

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JBL Expedition 2 - Back from Colombia with new research results

It was not just a second expedition to the same destination to give even more applicants the opportunity to participate in a JBL aquaristic research expedition, it was also ...

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JBL launches practical ballast for terrarium metal-halide lamps

Until now, each wattage (35, 50 and 70 W) of metal-halide lamps (HQI, LUW) required its own ballast to exactly match the wattage. The new JBL TempSet Unit L-U-W Multi can be used with all three wattages

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Water testing in autumn to help combat algae in summer!

Most pond owners unfortunately only test their water when a problem occurs. When the pond turns green in summer (floating algae) or thread algae grow excessively, they follow the recommendation of specialists to test the nutrients that triggered the algae growth.

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JBL Colombia Expedition: All results, 330 photos and 15 videos on the JBL Website

The many, sometimes surprising, results made the reports on the JBL website the most extensive of all our 16 JBL expeditions to date.

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The Neuhofen fire brigade does a practice drill at JBL

This week we welcomed the Neuhofen volunteer fire brigade to our premises for a practice drill under the codeword "BMA JBL”.

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JBL automatic feeder now fits PRONOVO

Due to their different dimensions the new, environmentally friendly JBL PRONOVO food tubs required an adapter for the popular JBL automatic feeder AUTOFOOD.

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For environmental reasons JBL no longer sells mangrove roots

As mangrove roots are not a "sustainable cultivation", JBL is to remove mangrove roots from its range.

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