Fish food for your aquarium
The secret is diversity

Are you looking for the right fish food for your aquarium fish? Discover flake food, food mixtures, live food and much more.

Aquarium fish can be just as picky and demanding about their food as we humans are. For healthy ornamental fish, variety and fresh aquarium fish food is elementary! With two feeds a day it’s a good idea never to feed the same food running and to supplement the menu at the weekend with treats such as JBL PlanktonPur or NovoArtemio. Some aquarium fish species, e.g. algae-eating sucker catfish, absolutely need plant food, sometimes even with wood fibres for their digestion. JBL NovoPleco Chips, for example, were developed for this purpose. Predatory cichlids from Lake Tanganyika or Lake Malawi need fish meat and shrimps. That's what JBL NovoTanganjika is for. So you can always choose the right food for your community aquarium or even your specialised fish species from our large JBL food range. On JBL expeditions most of the food types were tested for acceptance on fish directly in the wild and optimised until they were perfectly adapted to the fish. There is simply no substitute for aquaristic research and experience!

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