JBL AquaSil transparent
Special silicone for aquariums and terrariums

  • Special transparent silicone for the repair and production of frameless glass aquariums and bonding of decorative material (such as rock structures)
  • For the use please follow the product information attached
  • Harmless for fish, fast hardening, high adhesive strength
  • TÜV type tested, after hardening: non-toxic, odourless and physiologically safe
  • Package contents: 1 special silicone, AquaSil transparent. Incl. cartridge, dosage nozzle and plunger
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Product information

High adhesive strength
For the production of frameless glass aquariums or the sealing of leakages on silicone bonded frameless aquariums, made of glass. The special silicone can also be used for the bonding of stones and other decorative materials to keep them in place.

Harmless for aquarium dwellers
The special JBL silicone is TÜV type approved, non-toxic when hard, odourless and physiologically safe.

Technical data
Viscosity: pasty-like, stable
Shore A hardness (DIN 53 505): approx. 25
Temperature tolerance: -40 °C to +180 °C
Film formation time: approx. 10 minutes
Hardening time: approx. 2 to 3 mm/24 h.
Density: 1.02 g/cm3
Tensile strength (DIN 53 504): approx. 1.40 N/mm2
Tearing resistance (DIN 53 504): approx. 575%
E module 100 % (DIN 53 504): approx. 0.5N/mm2

Please follow the product information attached when using the silicone.


JBL AquaSil 80 ml transparent

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
80 ml
Volume packaging:
0.500 l
Gross weight:
134.000 g
Net weight:
76 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
41/183/71 mm

JBL AquaSil 310 ml transparent

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
310 ml
Volume packaging:
0.860 l
Gross weight:
372.500 g
Net weight:
294 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
59/241/59 mm
At what temperature should AquaSil be used?

We recommend you use it at room temperature. The temperature range for a possible application is between +5 °C and +40 °C. It cannot be used under +5 °C.

Why doesn't JBL AquaSil hold up on the background after drying?

As long as the BDB has not expired, the bond will hold up. Cleaning the surface before application, e.g. with acetonene, is helpful in these cases.

JBL AquaSil: A few days after gluing a large decor, there is still a strong smell of vinegar. Does that mean I need to wait a while longer?

When gluing the full surface of decor materials with AquaSil Silikon, hardening takes much longer, as the outer contact surface is much smaller in relation to the surrounding area compared to a stretched silicone seam. As you have noted correctly, the vinegar odour is an indication that the silicone is not yet fully hardened.

I want to seal a seam. Will silicone even hold up on an existing surface of silicone?

In fact, silicone will not set properly on silicone, because bridging bonds cannot be formed on set silicone. Therefore, if you wish to reseal a seam, it is advisable to apply a broader layer of the Aquasil to the old silicone seam, so that the contact surface with the glass is large enough.

Can I add shrimps in a NanoCube after the use of JBL AquaSil?

The released acetic acid reacts with water to create acetates, which do not harm the animals. As an organic source in the water these acetates are then broken down by bacteria, which can lead to slight bacterial algae blooms and as result to a reduction of the oxygen content.
However the decisive factor here is the ratio of emitted acetates to water volume. I would be careful about using a NanoCube at the beginning. It is possible to prevent this effect in carrying out a daily water change of 50 % for about one week. This will bring about a sufficient dilution.

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safety instructions

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