JBL EasyTurtle
Special granulate to remove odours

  • Special mineral granulate which produces odour-free and crystal-clear water in aqua-terrariums
  • Quick and effective breakdown of animal excrement.
  • Easy to use: spread required quantity over the water covered bottom once a month
  • 25 g are sufficient for approx. 50 l water.
  • Package contents: special granulate, Easy Turtle.
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Product information

Clear water in the aqua-terrarium
JBL Easy Turtle is a special granulate which is effective against unpleasant odours and ensures clear water. The especially cultured bacteria quickly and effectively break down the animals’ excrement. They keep the water clear and prevent unpleasant odours.

Easy to use
Spread the required quantity over the water covered bottom after the partial water change.


JBL EasyTurtle 25 g

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
25 g
50 l
Volume packaging:
0.3 l
Gross weight:
35 g
Net weight:
25 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
27/140/74 mm


Animal species: Terrapins, Tropical Terrapins, Turtles
Animal size: For all animal sizes
Animal age group: Small and medium-sized turtles and terrapins
Volume habitat: 50 L
Colour: white
Dosage: Packing contents sufficient for 50 l water

Electronic label / illuminant

Mercury: No
Dimmable: No
Socket designation: Packing contents sufficient for 50 l water
Is it still necessary to change the water when using water purifiers?

The special granulate helps you to eliminate odours (JBL EasyTurtle) in turtle aquariums. It does not replace the water change, which remains necessary. We recommend changing 30% of the water every week, especially you when you keep turtles without a filter.

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