JBL NovoGranoMix XXS
Granular main food for very small aquarium fish of 1-3 cm

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  • Perfect, complete nutrition for small fish, such as neon tetras, mini fish, dwarf rasboras and other fish between 1 and 3 cm in length
  • To use: Open the seal of the tin and feed as much as the fish can eat in a few minutes. Suitable for fish of all water layers, as the mini granulate floats and slowly sinks
  • No water cloudiness and very good acceptance by fish due to high-quality ingredients such as shrimps and algae
  • Strong and healthy fish growth with minimum water pollution through naturally balanced protein/fat ratio and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Package contents: sealed and resealable tin
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Price: 7,63 €
basic price 131.55 EUR / kg
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Product information

Animal welfare is important to us
No processing of cheap fish meal, we use fish meat from fish fillet production following the motto: the large fillet for humans and the small fillet for our aquarium fish!
For years JBL has supported the largest international organisation for the protection of sharks “Shark Project”.

Other good reasons to use JBL fish food:
The use of pure fish protein without cheap fish meal.
Optimal protein/fat ratio.
Mainly proteins from water animals.
Reduction of algae growth and optimal fish growth thanks to adapted phosphate content.
Impressive acceptance on the part of fish: research expeditions with fish feeding trials in the wild.
Minimum vitamin loss due to airtight sealed packaging.

Ahead through research
The results of the JBL research expeditions , combined with the expertise of the JBL research and development team, has resulted in optimal and balanced food mixtures made of high-quality ingredients.

Feeding recommendation
Feed 1 – 2 times a day, as much as can be eaten within a few minutes. Feed young, growing fish 3 – 4 times a day in the same way.

Unopened the food tins can be kept for 3 years, after opening use up within 4 months, since the valuable vitamins will degrade. Choose the size of the tin (100 ml, 250 ml, 1 l, 5.5 l, 10.5 l) in accordance with the monthly consumption stated above and the number of the fish in your aquarium.
Available separately to complement main food: supplementary food and treats.

This product is unfortunately no longer available

JBL NovoGranoMix XXS 100 ml

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
58 g
100 ml
Volume packaging:
0.21 l
Gross weight:
74.6 g
Net weight:
58 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
50/85/50 mm


Animal species: Barbels, Danions, Gouramis, Livebearers, Tetra
Animal size: 1 - 3 cm
Animal age group: Small aquarium fish
Material: You will find details of the materials used under Details & Composition
Feed type: granulates
Colour: red / brown
Dosage: Feed 1 – 2 times a day, as much as can be eaten within 10 - 15 minutes. Young, growing fish 3 – 4 times a day in the same way

Electronic label / illuminant

Mercury: No
Dimmable: No

Technical Data

Height:85 mm
Length:50 mm
Width:50 mm
Analytical components
Astaxanthin E161j food colouring
Colorant Iron Oxide Red E172
E 306 (natural vitamin E extracts)
Vitamins (per 1000 g)
Vitamin A 25000 I. E.
Vitamin D₃ 3000 I. E.
Vitamin E 330 mg
Vitamin C(stable) 400 mg
How long does the food keep after opening?

Please ensure you buy a packaging size suitable for your aquarium/terrarium/pond so that the quantity contained is used up within 4 months. Compare it with a tin of biscuits lying around for several months. When properly stored they are not necessarily soggy, but they are not quite as tasty as when the packet was opened. Therefore it is not advisable to use the food after this time.

The repeated opening and closing of the packaging brings the food into contact with bacteria and humidity over a longer storage period. Thus the quality of the premium food reduces continuously and this influences the vitamin content and the freshness of the food. For the benefit of your animals you always should feed them fresh food.

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safety instructions

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Customer reviews


Overall rating: 5.0
16 public review(s) for this product.

2 Reviews


Perfect for nano fish like my pygmys corydoras and my boraras briggitae ! Feeding tiny fish can be challenging.They seem to love it! I would buy this one again!

Instagram: Nemophilist_Scaper


Perfect food for small fish, tasty and healthy :)

14 more reviews in other languages

14 Reviews in other languages

D. Veronese - French

Très bon produit. Enfin des micro granulés accessibles aux guppies même les plus petits 👍🏻

Déborah, équipe GEPP

aqua_mtc - German

Super Futter, große Akzeptanz, einfach zu dosieren.

Bestens auch für kleine Fische, oder Jungfische geeignet.

shrimpscapes_ - German

Prima Futter zu ernährung von kleinen Jungfischen. Mit diesem Futter fehlt es ihnen an nichts

O. Sinclair - French

Impeccable, la taille convient aux habitants de mon bac communautaire.

Ne pollue pas le bac.

Par contre j'ai eu du mal à trouver cette formule XXS en animalerie. Allez savoir pourquoi ils ont la taille moyenne, pas XS XXS.


G.E.P.P. - French

Parfait pour les Guppys et Endler. J'ai eu du mal à trouver des granulés adaptés pour les petits poissons.

JBL NovoGranoMix XXS est le produit qu'il me fallait.

Carl, G.E.P.P.

malawi_aquaristic - German

Super Futter-Granulat. Ich benutze es aufgrund der kleinen Körnung zur Fütterung meiner Jungfische. Diese wachsen sehr gut und entwickeln schnell ihre Färbung.

Ich kann das Futter jedem weiterempfehlen, der kleine Fische hat oder Jungfische großziehen möchte!

tropheus_italia - Italian

Cibo nutriente grazie agli ingredienti di qualità che ci offre jbl. I pesci ne vanno matti e da quando somministro questo cibo i colori dei pesci si sono ravvivati

pani_akwarystka - German

Świetny wybór, dla ryb i krewetek idealny . Jest całkowicie zjadany i nic nie zostaje. Jest w postaci małych granulek, nie ma problemu z dozowaniem. Na pewno stałe menu w akwarium

Aquarium_Zimmer - German

Sehr feines Granulat, welches von kleinbleibebden Fischen und Jungfischen gerne gefressen wird.

fishrimps9 - Spanish

aparte de ser comida para peces pequeños tambien me sirvio para mis alevines d eescalares

malawireef - French

Sehr zufrieden mit diesem Futter! Den Tieren schmeckt es. Ich Füttere 1-x Täglich. Das Wasser ist trotz Fütterung immer Klar.

Zu Empfehlen für sehr kleine Fische.

discus_my_passion_ - Polish

Aquawelten - German

Erst dachte ich es sei etwas klein geraten. Nachdem aber alle Bewohner fröhlich am futtern waren und danach die Schnecken den Boden vom rest befreit haben, war mir klar das es suuuper ist:)

malawiaddiction - German

Das Futter ist schön klein und wird von meinen Nachzuchten sehr gerne aufgenommen und gierig aufgenommen.

Klare Empfehlung für kleine Tiere die zu Groß für Staubfutter sind aber noch zu klein für Normales Flocken oder Granulat Futter.

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