LED effect light as supplement to JBL LED SOLAR NATUR

  • Special light with RGB LEDs for creating colour effects, ideal as replacement for a second coloured fluorescent tube (T5 or T8). 40 % more light output compared to the 1st generation. Optimised heat sink for more power
  • Just connect to the enclosed cable switch of the existing JBL LED SOLAR NATUR and adjust using its remote control
  • For colour-coordinated simulations of sunrises and sunsets, and weather situations like thunderstorms or rainy seasons
  • The integrated RGB LEDs can create red, green and blue, and all mixed colours, using the JBL LED SOLAR NATUR remote control. Dimmable in 7 steps. Further effects can be achieved using the JBL LED SOLAR CONTROL app on a mobile phone
  • Contains: LED effect light waterproof (IP68), cable switch, holding brackets for top assembly & end caps for installation in tube sockets (T5&T8). Guarantee: 2 years (+2 years upon registration of product)
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Product information

If you want to ADD special light effects to your already existing light, such as coloured light, red sunrise and sunset, blue deep water or lightning storms, you’ll need a second light, the so-called JBL SOLAR EFFECT. You can connect this LED light to your main light (JBL LED SOLAR NATUR) with the cable switch supplied. The remote control unit supplied with the JBL LED SOLAR NATUR helps you operate the individual colour channels (Red/Green/Blue). To adjust the effects (biotopes, lightning storms, clouds, rain etc.) you’ll need a special control unit (JBL LED SOLAR CONTROL), which you can then operate precisely and easily with your mobile phone.

It contains one light in the length you select length with a 2.5 m cable. This light does not need its own power supply or infrared receiver. You simply connect it to your JBL LED SOLAR NATUR using the cable switch supplied.
If you are already operating the JBL LED SOLAR NATUR with a JBL LED SOLAR CONTROL, you will get an even more natural light effect by switching on the JBL LED SOLAR EFFECT. Here sunrises and sunsets will be underlaid with the appropriate red tones, lightning storms will be more colourful and even the biotope light conditions can be reproduced in more detail.

Marine water: The JBL LED SOLAR NATUR was originally developed for freshwater aquariums, but has also proved very popular with marine aquarists, as almost all cultivated corals come from shallow waters where they receive full sunlight. If you combine the JBL LED SOLAR NATUR with the JBL LED SOLAR EFFECT, you’ll attain a colour temperature of 7800 Kelvin.

Lengths: the lengths stated (e.g. 8 W LED = 43.8 cm T5/T8 tube) refer to the fluorescent tube you are replacing.
Length of the lamp: 8W/43.8 cm; 9W/54.9/59.0 cm; 14 W/74.2 cm; 17 W/84.9/89.5 cm; 20 W/104.7 cm; 21 W/114.9/120.0 cm; 22 W/144.9/150.0 cm
Length with plug-on holder suitable for: 8 W/45-70 cm; 9 W/55-80 cm; 14 W/75-100 cm; 17 W/85-110 cm; 20 W/105-130 cm; 21 W/115-140 cm; 22 W/145-170 cm
General calculation of lamp length: Stated length e.g. for 17 W 849 mm incl. retrofit adapters for the replacement of fluorescent tubes, minus adapter lengths (always the same): -50mm -5mm= 794mm real lamp length.


JBL LED SOLAR EFFECT 17W, 849/895mm (gen 2)

Art. no.:
EAN Code:
17 W
849/895 mm
Volume packaging:
7.3 l
Gross weight:
1640 g
Net weight:
1246 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
80/812/112 mm


Animal species: Angelfish, Armored catfish, Arowana, Artemia, Axolotl, Barbels, Bettas, Bichirs/reedfish, Blowfish, Catfish, Cichlids (Malawi), Cichlids (South America), Cichlids (Tanganyika), Clawed frogs, Clawed shrimps, Climbing gouramies (Anabantidae), Crayfish, Crustaceans, Cyprinids, Danions, Discus, Dwarf cichlids, Dwarf crayfish, Dwarf shrimps, Flowerhorn, Gammarus, Gill maggots, Gobies, Goldfish, Gouramis, Guppy, Halfbeaks, Juvenile fish, Killifish, Knifefish, Large and long arm shrimps, Livebearers, Loaches, Mussels, Neons, Newts, Panchaxes, Rainbowfish, Ricefish, Snails, Snakeheads, Spiny eels, Tetra, Veiltails, blood parrot cichlids, freshwater butterflyfish, ray
Animal size: For all animal sizes
Animal age group: All aquarium fish
Volume habitat: 85-110cm (200-250L)
Material: Aluminium profile, light emitting diodes, power supply
Colour: silver

Electronic label / illuminant

Ambient temperature: 80 °C
Start time: 0.1 s
Mercury: No
Tube length: 849 mm
Lifespan: 25000 h
Lumen: 470 lm
Dimmable: yes
Switching cycles: 20000
Colour temperature: not known

Technical Data

capacity tank length:85-110 cm
power output in Watt:17 W
Height:20 mm
Length:795 mm
Width:71 mm
voltage:24 V
content for:enthält 22x3 = 66 einzelne RGB-LEDs
What is the maximum aquarium height for which the JBL LED SOLAR range is designed?

The JBL LED SOLAR NATUR and EFFECT are for aquariums with a maximum length of 170 cm. The typical height is 60 or 70 cm. The PAR value, which is important for plants, and the amount of luminous flux in LUMEN both decrease with increasing water depth and with cloudiness and refraction at the water surface. You can see from the following measurements that at up to 70 cm water depth there is still enough nutritious light for your plants:

How many dimming levels does the JBL LED SOLAR have?

When using the JBL LED SOLAR with the IR receiver, you have 8 dimming levels. The setting options with the JBL LED SOLAR CONTROL are varied and can be changed in the course of the day at programmed times.

Why doesn't the LED switch off immediately when used with the JBL SolarControl?

Whether for theme aquariums or in manual mode, whether for a lunch break or at sunrise or sunset, the LEDs always dim down slowly. This always provides your fish and plants with a natural light profile and also protects your LEDs and increases their lifetime.

Why are there several T5 adapters in the package?

While you may have thought that all 24 W T5 tubes have the same length, there are in fact many different lengths with the same wattage on the market.That's why we've included two different adapters to facilitate a safe and easy installation. In case of an unsuccessful installation attempt, please try an alternative adapter from the box.

Can the SOLAR NATUR and EFFECT LEDs be of different lengths?

No, that is not possible. The JBL LED DRIVER which you received with your daylight LED is designed for the power of the construction length of the NATURE + the same construction length of the EFFECT. A longer JBL LED SOLAR EFFECT would not be sufficiently powered by the power supply unit due to the greater power needed.

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