White automatic feeder for all aquarium fish

  • Practical automatic feeder: automatic feeding for aquarium fish - For all granulates from 1 to 3 mm
  • Easy to set: up to 4 feeds per day with individual food quantities. Holds up to 125 ml and can be extended to 375 ml by screwing on a 250 ml food tin
  • On/off switch for manual operation, easy adjustment of feeding times and quantity. With adapter ring for JBL PRONOVO tins 250 ml
  • Air connection to keep food dry, universal attachment by suction cup or holder clamp (rotates 360° on its holder)
  • Package contents: automatic feeder for aquarium fish with holders and 3 x 1.5 V AA batteries and adapter ring for 250 ml JBL PRONOVO tins
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Price: 57,26 €
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Product information

Automatic feeding
JBL’s practical automatic feeder is designed for the automatic feeding of aquarium fish. The feeder is suitable for all granulates up to 3 mm. Flakes, tablets and sticks cannot be moved on properly in the screw conveyor.

The automatic feeder is available in white and black.

Feeds up to 4 times a day
The JBL PRONOVO AutoFood can be programmed for up to 4 feeds a day. The feeder has an on/off switch for manual operation. The feeding times and quantity can be easily set on the display. The feeder has an air connection to keep food dry.

Easy mounting
The feeder can be mounted by suction cups or with a sturdy clamp mount. The holder can be rotated through 360 °.

With the help of an included adapter ring, the JBL PRONOVO 250 ml tins also fit on the automatic feeder if the volume is to be increased from 125 ml to 375 ml. Otherwise the food is filled into the feeder - then the format of the tin does not matter.



Art. no.:
EAN Code:
Volume packaging:
2.657 l
Gross weight:
513.87 g
Net weight:
440 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
92/190/152 mm


Animal species: Arowana, Artemia, Axolotl, Barbels, Bettas, Bichirs/reedfish, Blowfish, Catfish, Cichlids (South America), Clawed frogs, Clawed shrimps, Corals, Crayfish, Crustaceans, Danions, Discus, Dwarf crayfish, Dwarf shrimps, Flowerhorn, Gill maggots, Gobies, Goldfish, Gouramis, Guppy, Juvenile fish, Killifish, Livebearers, Loaches, Mussels, Newts, Panchaxes, Rainbowfish, Snails, Spiny eels, Tetra, Veiltails, blood parrot cichlids, freshwater butterflyfish
Animal size: For all animal sizes
Animal age group: All aquarium fish
Volume habitat: For all aquariums
Material: Plastic (PC) / PCB printed circuit board / metal (copper)
Colour: white / transparent

Electronic label / illuminant

Mercury: No
Dimmable: No

Technical Data

Height:100 mm
Length:180 mm
Width:80 mm
Does the AutoFood automatic feeder work with all types of batteries?

In general, the automatic feeder works with all AA mignon batteries. With zinc-carbon batteries it can happen that despite the display "battery full" the device suddenly switches off under load, for example when feeding. The same applies to all rechargeable mignon cells that do not discharge linearly and suffer a sudden voltage drop and are quickly "completely empty" from "completely full".
For a functioning battery indicator, we recommend alkaline manganese batteries (non-rechargeable), which are available in every supermarket and electronics retailer and represent the standard on the market.

Why does the JBL AutoFood suddenly turn off?

You’ve only pressed one button or the automatic feeder has just started feeding when the machine cuts off completely? Are the display and buttons no longer working? This is a clear signal that at least one of the batteries has too little voltage. Replace all three batteries with new / charged batteries.

Blog (opinions & experiences)

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Adapter for JBL PRONOVO tins to fit on the AUTOFOOD - storage space for long holidays

Mounting the tin on the feeder increases its volume from 125 ml to 375 ml.

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Holidays are coming - no problem with JBL

Who feeds the fish in the aquarium or pond when you go on holiday? It’s especially an issue for terrarium friends, because most of their pets only eat live food. But thanks to JBL, both aquarium and pond enthusiasts now have a solution: an automatic feeder to take over the feeding.

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Finally - holiday time for the aquarium

Holidays can be a problem for many pets - but not for aquarium inhabitants! An aquarium can get along perfectly well for a few days or even weeks without much care. Malicious tongues claim it’s when it recovers from the keeper.

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Easter holidays, spring break...and who's going to feed the fish?

Unfortunately, our dear neighbours often prove the worst option when it comes to holiday replacements. They often mean too well with the food amount and when we return from holiday we sometimes find the whole substrate full of food.

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JBL automatic feeder now fits PRONOVO

Due to their different dimensions the new, environmentally friendly JBL PRONOVO food tubs required an adapter for the popular JBL automatic feeder AUTOFOOD.

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Fish nutrition

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safety instructions

  • Instructions for batteries in JBL articles
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spare parts
Customer reviews


Overall rating: 5.0
5 public review(s) for this product.

1 Review


I had an excellent experience with this food dispenser. First of all i really like how it looks (black colour). During the winter, when I went on a two-week vacation, I didn't want to burden anyone with the responsibility of feeding my fish. I had concerns about the amount of food and whether someone else would be able to handle it correctly. I tested this food dispenser thoroughly to ensure that it functioned flawlessly. After a few attempts, I found the perfect dosage for the fish food. I was particularly impressed by the inclusion of an air vent connection in case the food became moist. Attaching an air hose was all it took to set it up. When I returned from my vacation, I was eagerly awaiting the outcome, and I'm happy to report that everything worked perfectly.

4 more reviews in other languages

4 Reviews in other languages

scapingmania - German

Als leidenschaftlicher Aquarienliebhaber kann ich den JBL PRONOVO AUTOFOOD WHITE nur empfehlen. Mit seiner einfachen Programmierung für bis zu vier tägliche Fütterungen und individuellen Futtermengen ist er ein unverzichtbarer Begleiter. Die flexible Anpassung an verschiedene Granulatgrößen und die mühelose Platzierung machen ihn zu einem Allrounder. Seit ich ihn nutze, kann ich meine Fische zuverlässig und sorgenfrei füttern, ohne ständig anwesend sein zu müssen. Kurz gesagt, der JBL PRONOVO AUTOFOOD WHITE ist ein unverzichtbares Zubehör für jedes Aquarium, das die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden Ihrer Fische gewährleistet, während es Ihnen Zeit und Mühe erspart.


J. Mundt - German

sehr einfach und intuitiv einstellbar.

der schutz gegen eindringende feuchtigkeit funktioniert gut.

ich füttere damit einen futtermix aus granulat und feinstfutter für ein meerwasseraquarium. durch die hohe zahl von 4 möglichen fütterungen täglich kann ich meine fische und die korallen sehr gut mit kleineren portionen versorgen.

ich bin mit dem automaten sehr zufrieden und kann ihn unbedingt empfehlen.

_aqua4you_ - German

Lässt sich genauso leicht einstellen wie der Vorgänger und der Adapter passt gut für die PRONOVO Dosen.

tropheus_italia - Italian

Mangiatoia automatica tra le migliori sul mercato, facile da usare e molto precisa!

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