Special food mix for young aquatic and terrapin turtles

  • Complete food for baby aquatic turtles: sieved and cleaned small crustaceans (approx. 1-2 cm) & fish (2-4 cm) as well as food sticks (1 cm) for young aquatic turtles
  • Excellent acceptance of young aquatic and terrapin turtles: gammarus and shrimps. Fish sticks with vitamin supplements
  • Healthy shell growth thanks to natural calcium content, immunity is developed and stabilised by means of multivitamin complex and vitamin C, prevention of deficiency diseases
  • No artificial colours or preservatives added. Tins, lids, sealing film and label 100 % recyclable
  • Package contents: 1 water and light-proof tin, sealed for freshness with dried shrimps, small fish, Gammarus and sticks. Dosing aid in lid
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Price: 9,05 €
basic price 232.05 EUR / kg
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Product information

Especially for the nutritional requirements of turtles and terrapins
Most turtles and terrapins are omnivores. They particularly like to eat fish, other aquatic animals and often also aquatic plants. JBL offers a comprehensive range for the species-appropriate diet for turtles, to meet the respective requirements of the animals’ size. Dried fish, molluscs, water insects and crustaceans are most important and constitute a species-appropriate, natural diet. Young turtles basically eat the same as adult aquatic and terrapin turtles,but are more carnivorous. Adult turtles eat more and more plants as they get older. When it comes to feeder animals, the small turtles only ever choose the smaller versions, as they are unable to easily bite everything off, despite their sharp jaws.

Other good reasons to feed JBL food
Impressive palatability for turtles: Practical research including feeds in the wild. No vitamin loss thanks to airtight packaging. The JBL food tins and buckets are 100 % recyclable, as the tin, sealing film, label and lid are made from one PP mono-material. There is no need to separate the label from the tin, as is actually necessary with other food tins. The thickness of the plastic has also been reduced, as very high-quality PP (polypropylene) is used. The use of polypropylene ensures full recyclability at the end of the product life cycle. The recycled material is used for the production of new products and thus the spread of pollutants in the environment is minimised.

Turtle species for which this food is ideal (examples):
- Cooter turtles (all species)
- Red-bellied short-necked turtle
- Mud turtles
- Ornamental turtles
- Softshell turtles
- Musk turtles
- Spotted turtle
- Wood turtles
- Terrapins
- Map turtles
- Chinese three-keeled pond turtle

JBL expeditions often visit turtle habitats, be it in the deserts or, even more frequently, in the wetlands of the tropics. The observations of their way of life and eating habits are incorporated into the development of the JBL foods. This information directly from the wild is extremely valuable, as it would otherwise hardly be available.
The aim should always be to care for the animals in a species-appropriate way and ideally to provide for offspring in order to reduce the removal of species from the wild. Although breeding is not absolutely necessary for some species, as the species relevant to the trade come from offspring or are not endangered, JBL nevertheless considers it desirable to breed pets.



Art. no.:
EAN Code:
250 ml
39 g
Volume packaging:
0.36 l
Gross weight:
74.9 g
Net weight:
39 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
56/146/56 mm


Animal species: Chinese three-keeled pond turtle, Cooter turtles, European pond turtle, Hinged tortoises, Map turtles, Musk turtle, Red-bellied short-necked turtle, Terrapins, Tropical terrapin, Water turtles
Animal size: For all animal sizes
Animal age group: Young turtles
Volume habitat: For all terrariums
Material: You will find details of the materials used under Details & Composition
Colour: natural
Dosage: Feed three to four times a day as much as can be eaten within a few minutes.

Electronic label / illuminant

Mercury: No
Dimmable: No

Technical Data

Height:146 mm
Length:56 mm
Width:56 mm
diameter:56 mm
Analytical components
Vitamins per kg
Vitamin A 7500 I. E.
Vitamin D₃ 900 I. E.
Vitamin E 90 mg
Vitamin C 60 mg


New JBL PROTERRA food concept for reptiles

It tastes good to the turtles, is healthy, natural and varied. In co-operation with leading turtle experts, the JBL research and development department has developed a completely new line of food that provides species-appropriate nutrition for all land, water and pond turtles:

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2,500 turtles vote for JBL

Turtle Island in Graz is the world's largest turtle institution with its 2,500 reptiles coming from 140 species. Chief biologist, Dr. Peter Praschag, was enthusiastic about the planned JBL PROTERRA turtle food range and had "his" turtles try all nine types of food before the launch in December

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Reference guide (Themeworld)

ProTerra Competition

Buy a JBL PROTERRA promotional tin with the SCAN + WIN sealing film, upload your proof of purchase and spin our turtle slot machine.

ProTerra SCAN + WIN

Look forward to 12 months packed with a VARIETY of prizes. There will be a new main prize every month!


Our new PROTERRA range focusses on healthy and balanced food for land, water and pond turtles.
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