Cocos Cava
Cave for aquariums and terrariums

Are you looking for a suitable cave for your pets? The coconut shell JBL Cocos Cava is ideal as a hiding or spawning place for fish or as a sleeping and hiding place for terrarium animals.

Coconut shells are ideal for decorating your aquarium. They are of natural origin and do not release any harmful substances into the aquarium water to endanger the life of your aquarium fish, invertebrates or aquarium plants. Many aquarium fish, such as long-whiskered catfish, loaches or dwarf cichlids, love coconut shells for sheltering or for spawning (laying eggs). The coconut shells are untreated and contain no artificial preservatives.

It is interesting to note that the coconut shells are not the real shells. These "brown shells" only envelop the white pulp inside the coconut. The entire coconut on the tree is always green and the outer green fibrous shell is first removed ("husked"), before any further processing. The coconut familiar to us is then revealed underneath, but still in a light beige colour. They are roasted over a fire or stored for a long time and only then do they turn brown.

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