Combating algae in the aquarium
Thread algae, floating algae or brush algae

Are you looking for products to combat algae in your aquarium? Try our effective anti-algae agents for freshwater aquariums.

Don’t worry if you discover a bit of algae in your aquarium! Algae are simple aquatic plants and belong in a habitat. It’s only when algae get out of hand that you need to take action. All algae types develop only when there is a surfeit of nutrients, mostly nitrates and phosphates. But before you actively remove nutrients with special filter media or care products, you need to get your aquarium out of the “tendency towards algae". And that is exactly where an anti-algae agent like JBL Algol is ideal. It contains no copper and does not have the radical effect of an algae killer. It destroys the contents of the algae cells and thus works very reliably. After using the anti-algae agent, you can concentrate on the causes of the algae growth and remove the algae nutrients.

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