PROFLORA CO2 fertilisation for aquarium plants
Plant fertiliser systems and accessories for perfect plant growth

Are you looking for a solution for the continuous care of your aquatic plants? Discover our CO2 plant care products.

Aquarium plants need carbon dioxide (CO2), which is their main nutrient, for vigorous and healthy growth. Without a CO2 fertiliser system, the CO2 content in the aquarium water will always be too low, as it is balanced with the CO2 content of the outside air. Only by using a CO2 fertiliser system can you raise the CO2 content in your aquarium water so that sufficient CO2 is available for your aquarium plants. A Bio-CO2 system does not require a pressurised gas cylinder and is ideal for beginners and smaller aquariums. For larger aquariums, CO2 fertiliser systems with CO2 cylinders are better because they can be easily refilled (m-system) or replaced (u-system). A solenoid valve (v001) enables night switch-off, because plants do not need CO2 during the dark phase and the aquarist saves 50% CO2 by switching off. You can achieve automatic CO2 regulation with a pH/CO2 control unit (pH Control).

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