Most tropical ornamental fish feel really comfortable with water temperatures around 25-26 °C. Only a few shrimps like it a little cooler. With the help of an aquarium heater thermostat, you can set the temperature correctly and the heater will automatically regulate the desired aquarium water temperature. If it gets too hot in summer, - the aquarium fish and also the aquarium plants do not tolerate temperatures above 30 °C - an aquarium cooler (JBL PROTEMP COOLER) will help you. It generates an air current and can thus lower the water temperature by a few degrees by means of evaporation cooling. If you want to promote your aquarium plant growth, an undergravel heating system, also called a bottom heater, will help, as it ensures water circulation (flow) in the aquarium bottom using heating loops in the bottom substrate, so that the roots of your aquarium plants are optimally flushed with nutrient-rich water.

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