Breeding accessories for your aquarium
The right tools for successful breeding

Are you looking for professional breeding accessories for your aquarium? Discover our wide range of spawning aids.

Breeding aquarium fish has to be one of the most wondersome aspects of aquaristics. Some fish species make special demands on the substrate when laying eggs. JBL has developed the DisCon especially for discus and angelfish, and the ease with which this product can be sterilised is much appreciated by professional breeders. Other fish such as long-whiskered catfish or many dwarf cichlids prefer caves such as the JBL ceramic spawning cave for spawning (laying eggs). In contrast to the cichlids, quite a few fish species, such as guppies, tetras and barbs, do not nurse their young and even eat their offspring! This is where a spawning box or a hanging net box comes in handy. In this box you can raise the fry of your aquarium fish until they are no longer regarded as food by their parents.

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