Substrates for your aquarium
Gravel, sand, nutrient substrate & more

Are you looking for the best substrate for your aquarium? At JBL you will find the right substrate to suit your needs.

The substrate in the aquarium has several important functions. It needs to be visually pleasing, it has to be suitable for burrowing fish, it needs to provide support for your aquarium plants and it needs to provide useful cleaning bacteria a place to settle for the decomposition of pollutants. Of all the JBL substrates, only JBL PROSCAPE VOLCANO MINERAL is sharp-edged and not suitable for burrowing fish, unless it is covered with a layer of other substrate, as is usual in aquascaping. Very fine substrates are not really suitable for undergravel heating cables. This means none of the JBL Sansibar substrates except JBL Sansibar River is suitable for undergravel heating cables. Soil aquarium substrates were developed for aquascapers who decorate with a lot of aquarium plants and fertilise the plants in the aquarium very intensively. In the Themeworld Aquarium you will find a substrate calculator which calculates the amount of substrate you need for your aquarium.

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