Automatic fish feeder for aquariums
Automatic and dosed feeding for holidays and workdays

Are you looking for the right food dispenser for your aquarium fish? Then check out the JBL automatic feeder.

Are you looking for a reliable solution to feed your aquarium fish during the weekend or during your holiday? Simply place the JBL automatic feeder on your aquarium, enter how much and how often it should feed, and your fish won’t miss you at all! The JBL AutoFood automatic feeder is battery-operated and therefore not dependent on electricity. The automatic feeder is suitable for any granulated food and can be adjusted to exactly the amount of food you want. Up to 4 feedings per day can be set for juvenile fish and small fish species. In case of very high humidity, an air pump can be connected to prevent the food from clumping (relevant in many tropical countries such as Singapore).

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