Sudden drop in acidity: danger lurks in your pond after heavy rainfalls

Hardly any other topic is more relevant at the moment than heavy rainfalls. There is flooding throughout Germany. Rain brings about great changes in your pond too. Rainwater dilutes the pond water and reduces its carbonate hardness. If it falls too much, there is the risk of a sudden drop in acidity. This means the pH value can drop from a range of 7.5 – 8.5 to under 4.0. And this means certain death for your fish.

According to the German Meteorological Service, many places experienced more than 50 litres of rainwater per square metre during heavy rainfalls within a few hours. Since these heavy rainfalls are expected to continue for several days this can quickly add up to several hundred litres, which can pose a great risk.

Always make sure that there is a sufficient pond water stability ( JBL PROAQUATEST POND Check pH/KH indicates blue) and that the carbonate hardness is over 4 ° dKH ( JBL PROAQUATEST KH dureza de carbonatos ). If you no longer have these target values you can normalise the stability of the pond water with JBL StabiloPond Basis to prevent a dangerous sudden drop in acidity.

Take care of your fish!

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