The Biotope Aquarium: Thailand

During the Aqua-Fisch Friedrichshafen Benjamin Hamann (Das Biotop) and JBL manned a joint information desk about setting up aquariums and biotope aquatics. For this purpose two different aquarium types were set up, one based on nature and one following the requirements of a biotope aquarium. The visitors showed great interest and followed the almost two-hour presentation with great enthusiasm. They made the most of the opportunity to ask detailed questions and clearly loved the experts’ setups and tips. I was on-site for JBL and was able to round off the presentations by joining biotope expert Benjamin Hamann and giving additional professional tips. At another presentation area we had impressive underwater shots from the JBL expeditions and Waldemar Fischer on display.

We have edited the setup for you into a video so that you can follow it quickly and easily at home.

Background information about Thailand

In Thailand you find a lot of labyrinth fish (anabantoids) which are also very common in aquariums. As well as the fighting fish there are also the threadfish and the gouramis. What all these species have in common is that they also have to breathe atmospheric air to survive.

As a result they are even able to survive in waters which contain little oxygen. They also live in rivers and brooks which have optimal conditions for their survival. These are waters with rich collections of underwater plants to provide shelter and safe spaces for reproduction.

It’s not only the well-known Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendes) who guard their eggs in a foam nest at the water surface: gouramis and threadfish also reproduce like this.

Recommended species

  • Betta splendes (wild variety)
  • Betta imbellis
  • Betta smaragdina
  • Betta mahachaiensis
  • Trichopsis pumila
  • Trichopsis vittata
  • Trichopsis schalleri
  • Trichgaster pectoralis
  • Trichogaster trichopterus
  • Rasbora rubrodorsalis
  • Oreichthys parvus
  • Danio albolineatus
  • Brachydanio nigrofasciatus
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