The season has started

A lot of dealers have been given the green light and the first koi and other pond dwellers have already been sold. The quarantine period at the dealers is over and the well acclimated, healthy and well fed animals are moving to their new home. Now it is time to ensure you have a stable KH value to ensure a good mineral content. If necessary the water hardness needs to be increased with JBL StabiloPond Basis .

For acclimatisation the animals still need to be fed with our prebiotic JBL ProPond Fitness for two to three weeks, to support the intestinal bacteria which might have been stressed. If necessary, you need to stock the pond very slowly with fish, always having the nitrite value ( Test de nitritos JBL NO2 ) under control, since the bacteria settle very slowly in the filter. If you stock too fast the bacterial strain will quickly go off balance. As ever you can carry out the quick test easily with JBL PROSCAN . It is not only the fast operation but also the precise and quick result which makes it perfect for monitoring your most important water values on a weekly basis. An uncomplicated support is available for you in the app under the button Details.

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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