Concept for All-Season Feeding

Intensive studies and research have long since been showing us how best to feed our pond fish the whole year round and to strengthen their immune system, and we obviously want to do this.

Our concept means the koi get food appropriate for each season and each temperature range, but always with the perfect protein/fat ratio. With our JBL ProPond Summer the ratio is 4:1, which means that the floating pearls are perfectly adjusted to stay on the water surface in warm water. An absolute highlight are the high-quality treats which are ideal for when your grandchildren visit or when you want to show off your pets with pride. It also has a positive side effect: when the koi come close to eat it, you can take the opportunity to count them and check their external well-being, even in very large ponds.

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Ronny Thorhauer
Ronny Thorhauer
Key Account National Teich (Mr. Koi)
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