JBL Concurso de Halloween 2016

¿Truco o trato? En Halloween hay que pegar sustos. Asústenos con la respuesta correcta a la pregunta que aparece más abajo y gane uno de los 15 kits de productos (5 kits de productos para el acuario, 5 kits de productos para el terrario y 5 kits de productos para el estanque de jardín).

El equipo de JBL le desea un Halloween espeluznante y mucha suerte en el concurso de miJBL.

El concurso ya ha finalizado. Pronto encontrará aquí un concurso nuevo. Vuelva otro día.


Adrian CRACIUN, Henning Fricke, Rene Reichler, Percy John, Thomas Herka, Thomas Rölle, Sebastian Gsimbsl, Sebastian Keck, Dominic Nolze, Rene Krauter, Mirko Leonhardt, Helga Urmoneit, Henning Wegner, Morgan MOYANO, Frank Wulf


Inaccurate water tests – or did I do something wrong after all?

In the aquarium scene we often hear people talking about “accurate” and “inaccurate” tests. But mostly they mean a rougher or finer scaling of the output values.

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How much fertiliser does your aquarium need?

We are often asked: “How much fertiliser do I need for my aquarium?” On all product packaging you find dosage recommendations which give you initial information on how to start the fertilisation.

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From ProFlora CO2 system owner to tester, free of charge

Do you have a JBL ProFlora CO2 plant fertiliser system (u series/m series) with disposable or refillable cylinder? Then you can win an exclusive test model.

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Social Escape – an aquarium slowly and relaxingly takes shape and is the antidote to burn out.

Social stands for online marketing and social media. Escape means a way out of our fast moving digital lives and a way into another world. A balancing haven of peace and relaxation.

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ProScan – my analysed results to compare the water values

A single measurement is good but several measurements are better. Not only the current situation is relevant, any fluctuations and changes in the biological system are also interesting and will help you to recognize problems at an early stage.

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