The Big JBL Garden Pond Competition

You know what it’s like. Your pond fish are always hungry. But not just any food will do. It’s really important to find out all about the right food for your fish. With the only , physiological-nutritional concept on the market, JBL’s ProPond has a pond fish food, the like of which you have never seen before. Win a year’s supply of ProPond and experience the quality at first hand. There is nothing more relaxing than to sit around the pond in warm weather, dreamily watching your fish swim.

Here’s how it works:

Just enter by May 31, 2017 and with a bit of luck you can win one of three vouchers for goods to the value of €300 for JBL ProPond food. You may choose from the complete JBL ProPond product range and redeem the prize at once. The winner will be drawn from the pool of participants.

*) Condizioni di partecipazione.

ProPond® / NEO Index®

Nutri i tuoi animali per tutto l’anno con il mangime per pesci JBL ProPond in modo equilibrato e naturale, così che rimangano a lungo sani e attivi. Tutti i prodotti ProPond di questo particolare concetto nutritivo contengono degli ingredienti di alta qualità in sintonia con il concetto NEO INDEX®. Quest’alimentazione specie specifica fornisce, ad ogni temperatura, l’ottimale quantità di pregiati grassi e proteine per il benessere dei tuoi animali.



NEO index literally means: natural, energy-optimised nutrition. Behind this lies the ratio of proteins to fats in the food. Looking at the season alone, the fish would only need half as much protein in winter (2:1) as in summer (4:1).

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The Right Food Quantity - Complete or Combined Food

With the JBL ProPond Season Foods (AllSeasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) you have purchased a complete and optimal diet for your pond fish. There are, however, also transitional periods in the course of the year, or you may wish to promote the growth, the colours or the fitness of your fish more.

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Professional tip: Do white koi need different food to red-and-white or orange-coloured koi?

The fish colours are created by pigments in special pigment cells inside the skin. Natural substances such as carotenes and astaxan- thines enhance special yellowish and reddish colours in the skin.

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The Food Finder – How to Find the Right Food.

Do you have koi, sterlets or goldfish? Do you know the right food for your fish? The following overview will enable you to quickly determine which food size is suitable for your species of fish.

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Protein, Fat, Crude Fibre and Crude Ash - What Does What?

For a natural optimised food 4 main components are required: protein, fat, crude fibre and crude ash.

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More than just packaging – the functions.

The best food is useless if it is not properly packed and thus ideally preserved while it is in use. Light (UV radiation) and air are the food’s main enemies because they significantly reduce its quality!

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