German Biotope Aquarium Contest 2015

Themed aquariums with fish and invertebrate stock inspired by natural habitats – this is biotope aquaristics. It was at the Aqua-Fisch 2014 in Friedrichshafen, where for the first time a large presentation took place.

JBL, the Friedrichshaven Trade Fair and trade publisher Dähne Verlag invite to participate in a photo contest for biotope aquariums. Aquarists from all western European countries are cordially invited to submit their photos to compete in this international contest. Parallel to this an eastern European competition will take place in Russia under the patronage of JBL and Unitex.

The registration period to submit the aquarium photos starts on 1 September 2014 and ends on 31 January 2015. Each participant can submit three to five photos for up to two biotope aquariums of their own design. An international jury of respected specialists and connoisseurs of original biotopes will then evaluate the aquariums on the basis of the photos.

The award ceremony and the presentation of the photos will take place before the visitors to the Aqua-Fisch exhibition from 6 to 8 March, 2015 in Friedrichshafen. Further information and the full conditions of participation can be found under

Picture: Themed aquariums with fish and invertebrate stock based on natural habitats are the focus of biotope aquaristics. Photo: F. Hardel

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