Tipo de aquário selvagíneo JBL Rio Pantanal®

Tipo de aquário selvagíneo JBL Pantanal River®

Tipo de aquário selvagíneo JBL Rio Pantanal®

Would you like to have a piece of jungle river in your living room? This aquarium shows a beautiful underwater landscape from South America with its typical dwellers, including the neon tetra, which is one of the most colourful little gems of the Amazon region.

A jungle aquarium has to be one of the most beautiful types of aquariums with its wonderful mingling of magnificent plants and colourful fish. The dwarf cichlids demonstrate some interesting behaviour as they care for their brood and the neon tetras and pencil fish display their breath-taking colours. After a running-in time of one to two weeks the plants will start growing, giving your aquarium a jungle character.

Modelled on nature

We named this aquarium “Rio Pantanal® “ because the water in Brazil’s Pantanal is one of the clearest waters in the world. Looking at the fish stock we also could have named the aquarium Rio Negro or Amazon Region. But the water of these rivers either have a white-cloudiness or a deep brown colour.


Get a general idea of what costs to expect and which questions could arise.

Where is the best place to put your aquarium?

Dimensions: 80 x 35 x 40 cm = 110 litres, weight: approx. 140 kg (goes easily on your floor!)

What are the electricity costs?

Maximum € 13.30 per month.

Who takes care of the aquarium during your holiday?

An automatic feeder ( JBL AutoFood BLACK ) takes care of the feeding (approx. 45,- €).

What are the costs of the JBL Rio Pantanal®?

Aquarium with cover: approx. € 160

Aquarium cabinet: approx. € 100

Fish & plants & decoration: approx. € 410

Technical items &food & care products: approx. € 530

Aquarium information


80 x 35 x 40 cm = 110 l

Valores da água

pH value: 6.5-7.5

KH 4-8 °dKH

Nitrite (NO2): 0 mg/l

Iron (Fe): 0.1 mg/l

CO2: 20 mg/l

Temperature: 25-27°C


Here you can see what decoration, substrate and plants you need to make your aquarium look like a stretch of Pantanal.

Natural substrate and long-term plant culture medium

JBL Manado

Substrato natural para aquários de água doce

  • Ótimo para o tratamento de plantas, graças à estrutura porosa e à função de armazenamento de nutrientes: substrato para aquários de água doce
a partir de 6,97 €

JBL PROFLORA AquaBasis plus

Substrato nutritivo para plantas com efeito de longa duração para aquários de água doce

  • Substrato nutritivo para um crescimento bonito e duradouro das plantas em todos os aquários de água doce. 5 anos de efeito garantido
a partir de 12,52 €
Stones and wood
Iceland lava rock

15 kg, mixed, 10- 20 cm

Talawa wood

2 pieces mixed, 10 - 40 cm


Plant (A)

Amazon sword plant

(Echinodorus bleheri)

5 plants

Plant (B)

Pygmy chain sword

(Helanthium tenellum)

10 plants

Plant (C)

Crytocoryne crispatula

(Cryptocoryne crispatula)

3 plants

Plant (D)

Wendt’s Cryptocoryne

(Cryptocoryne wendtii tropica)

4 plants

Planting plan

Here you can see the exact plant location and species in the aquarium. The letters characterise the plant species, mentioned above.

Aquarium technology

This outline shows all the technical products you need for the Rio Pantanal® themed aquarium and a price quotation to give you an idea of the costs involved.

Used products
JBL CRISTALPROFI e702 greenline
Filtro exterior para aquários de 60-200 litros
a partir de 123,76 €
Mais Mostrar produto
Lâmpada LED de alto desempenho para aquários
a partir de 113,48 €
Mais Mostrar produto
Lâmpada de efeitos LED como suplemento à lâmpada JBL LED SOLAR NATUR
a partir de 94,30 €
Mais Mostrar produto
Sistema de fertilização de plantas com garrafa reutilizável e desligamento noturno
a partir de 298,89 €
Mais Mostrar produto
Difusor direto de alta eficiência para CO2
a partir de 31,04 €
Mais Mostrar produto
JBL Termómetro para aquários Slim
Termómetro de vidro de precisão fino p/ aquários
a partir de 6,10 €
Mais Mostrar produto
Aquecedor para aquários, aquecedor com termóstato de segurança de 150W com cesto de proteção
a partir de 30,52 €
Mais Mostrar produto
Íman flutuante para limpeza de vidros para aquários
a partir de 14,49 €
Mais Mostrar produto

The fish stock for your jungle aquarium

In the Pantanal live a variety of beautiful fish which also suit your aquarium. You will find a selection matched by size and behaviour.

Cockatoo dwarf cichlid

Apistogramma cacatuoides

1 male, 2 females

Neon tetra

Paracheirodon innesi

20 animals

Golden pencil fish

Nannostomus beckfordi

15 animals

Three line catfish

Corydoras trilineatus

6 animals

Golden Oto

Otocinclus affinis

10 animals

Video about the setup of the JBL Rio Pantanal®

This 8 minute video shows you what the completed aquarium will look like and how to set it up step by step.

How to maintain your jungle aquarium

Even if an aquarium involves much less work than keeping a hamster, there are still a few care measures which are essential to the functioning of your jungle aquarium. You will be surprised how little work you need to maintain your aquarium!


Illuminate the aquarium approx. 8 hours during the first 2 weeks, afterwards a maximum illumination of 12 hours is possible. Carry out a 30 % water change every 14 days.


Check daily whether the technical items are working correctly ( Filtros de aquário e acessórios para aquário , Fertilização de plantas com CO2 e Luz ).

Tratamento de plantas

Please make sure that you add enough CO2 from day one.

Use a complete fertiliser ( JBL PROFLORA Ferropol 15 ml weekly) and a further daily fertiliser ( JBL PROFLORA Ferropol 24 ), which you add into the aquarium in the morning, before switching on the lighting. Start with 50 % of the normal dosage and increase, depending on the plant growth. After 4-5 weeks you can start with the pruning of the plants. Respective to the plant species, regular pruning is needed. If the amazon sword plants become too large, you can remove single leaves at the edge of the rootstock. Often the amazon sword plants discard their leaves after you have inserted them into the aquarium and only then do they develop real underwater leaves. So please have a bit of patience! Please always remove dying or diseased leaves – this can be easily done with long scissors ( JBL PROSCAPE TOOLS S STRAIGHT ).

Maintenance time per week

30 minutes.

How often do you need to empty and clean the complete aquarium?

Your JBL Rio Pantanal® can stay healthy and beautiful for many years with the above mentioned care. Redecorating your aquarium after a few years, if you wish, will be no problem.


2-3 x daily as much as the fish can eat in 3 minutes. 1 tablet per day, alternating with other foods.

JBL NovoBel
Alimento principal em flocos para todos os peixes de aquário
a partir de 3,32 €
Mais Mostrar produto
JBL NovoGranoMix
Alimento principal para peixes de aquário médios e grandes
a partir de 9,97 €
Mais Mostrar produto
JBL NovoGranoColor
Alimento principal para peixes de aquário médios e grandes com cores intensas
a partir de 11,30 €
Mais Mostrar produto
JBL NovoTab
Alimento principal em pastilha para todos os peixes de aquário
a partir de 7,86 €
Mais Mostrar produto
JBL NovoFect
Alimento em pastilhas para peixes de aquário herbívoros
a partir de 7,86 €
Mais Mostrar produto

Special features

Do not position your aquarium in an excessively bright place, because direct sunlight promotes algae growth.


The overall layout mentioned is only a suggestion. You can just as easily put the wood at the back of the aquarium on the left for example. But please follow our suggestions when it comes to the fish community and the number and species of the plants.

Water treatment and tests

Tap water is not always suitable for fish and needs to be treated to make it suitable for them with an appropriate water conditioner ( JBL Biotopol ) before putting them in. Add a bacterial starter ( JBL Denitrol ) one hour later and you are ready to introduce the fish. Check the nitrite level of the water every 2 days during the first two weeks with the  JBL Teste de nitrito NO₂ to check the nitrite content of the water.

If you live in a region with hard water you need to adjust your tap water to the recommended values (in aquarium information) by adding osmosis water.

Experiencing the habit up close

A JBL expedition already led us into the Pantanal in Brazil. In our report you can find out what research findings our team has brought along and the many photos will give you an impression about the beauty of this habitat above and under water.

Expedição Brasil

The 5th JBL expedition was quite an event: 14 days Amazonia and northern Pantanal, as well as two days at the southern edge of the tropical marine fauna’s habitat in the Atlantic Ocean!

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