Tipo de aquário com peixes-dourados JBL Goldfish Paradise®

JBL Goldfish Paradise®

Tipo de aquário com peixes-dourados JBL Goldfish Paradise®

This aquarium is a beautiful home for eight lively veiltail/fantail Goldfish! The fish become tame within a short time and will eat out of your hand. Veiltails/Fantails are very attractive fish and are very popular with children.

Goldfish and their various breeds, such as veiltails/fantails, belong to the most popular fish of all! Children and adults love their lively motion and their peaceful nature. Goldfish can be easily kept and are relatively undemanding. But they shouldn’t be kept in a too small aquarium and certainly NOT in round bowls. According to the German animal protection act this is not even allowed. But in aquariums of about 100 cm length smaller veiltail/fantail goldfish will feel very comfortable and grow healthily. Even if goldfish regard plants as food, the Anubias pictured is so robust that it should be able to withstand their eating attempts. It may happen that veiltails occasionally nibble at single leaves of the fast growing waterweed. However this doesn’t harm the plant and it contributes to the healthy nutrition of the fish. In addition, living aquatic plants are vital for the biological structure of the aquarium.

Modelled on nature

Since goldfish are cultivated varieties of the Crucian carps, the carp habitat can serve as a model. These fish like to live, as goldfish do, in stagnant waters or in waters with a gentle current, partly full of vegetation and partly free for swimming. These animals are very sociable and should never be kept singly.


Where is the best place to put your aquarium?

Dimensions: 100 x 40 x 50 cm = 200 litres, weight: approx. 250 kg (goes easily on your floor!)

What are the electricity costs?

Maximum € 8.50 per month

Who takes care of the aquarium during your holiday?

An automatic feeder ( JBL AutoFood BLACK ) will provide the food supply.

What are the costs of the JBL Goldfish Paradise?

Aquarium with cover: approx. € 220

Aquarium cabinet: approx. € 160

Fish & plants & decoration: approx. € 270

Technical items & care products: approx. € 285

Aquarium information


100 x 40 x 50 cm = 200 l

Complete weight approx. 250 kg

Valores da água

pH-value: 7.0 – 7.5

KH: 5-8 °dKH

Nitrite (NO2): 0 mg/l

Temperature: 24-26 °C


Here you can see what substrate and plants you need that your goldfish will receive an ideal environment.



Substrato cinzento, fino para aquários de água doce e salgada

  • Solo arenoso fino e não colorido: substrato para aquários de água doce e salgada e aquaterrários
a partir de 12,52 €

JBL Sansibar RIVER

Substrato claro, fino com pedrinhas pretas para aquários de água doce e salgada e terrários

  • Substrato com granulado de 0,8 mm para aquários de água doce e salgada e terrários
a partir de 11,66 €

Lay a foam mat ( JBL AquaPad ) under the stones to protect the bottom pane. First position the stones, then add the sand.

Black boulders

Approx. 25 kg


These plants suit a Goldfish Paradise® aquarium.

Plant (A)


(Egeria densa)

6 bunches

Plant (B)

Dwarf Anubias

(Anubias barteri var. nana)

10 x

Planting plan

Here you can see the exact location of the plants in the aquarium. The letters characterise the plant species, mentioned above.

Aquarium technology

This outline shows all the technical products you need for the JBL Goldfish Paradise® and a price quotation to give you an idea of the costs involved.

Used products
JBL CRISTALPROFI e902 greenline
Filtro exterior para aquários de 90-300 litros
a partir de 137,40 €
Mais Mostrar produto
Lâmpada LED de alto desempenho para aquários
a partir de 113,48 €
Mais Mostrar produto
Lâmpada de efeitos LED como suplemento à lâmpada JBL LED SOLAR NATUR
a partir de 94,30 €
Mais Mostrar produto
Sistema de fertilização Bio CO2 com difusor extensível
a partir de 41,40 €
Mais Mostrar produto
JBL Termómetro para aquários Slim
Termómetro de vidro de precisão fino p/ aquários
a partir de 6,10 €
Mais Mostrar produto
Aquecedor para aquários, aquecedor com termóstato de segurança de 50W com cesto de proteção
a partir de 28,85 €
Mais Mostrar produto
Íman flutuante para limpeza de vidros para aquários
a partir de 14,49 €
Mais Mostrar produto

The animal stock for the goldfish aquarium

The following animals suit your goldfish aquarium:


Carassius auratus

8 animals

Bristle nose cat fish

Ancistrus spec.

2 animals

Algaevorous snails

Neritina sp.

5 animals

Video about the setup of the JBL GoldfishParadise®

In a short 7 minute video we show you what the completed aquarium looks like and how to set it up step by step.

How to maintain your goldfish aquarium aquarium

Mudança da água

Perform a 1/3 weekly partial water change with a hose. Siphon any waste from the bottom and between the stones with a hose. Prepare the water afterwards with JBL Biotopol .

Tratamento de plantas

Prune the plants every 2 weeks.

Fertilisation plan

Add weekly liquid fertiliser ( JBL PROFLORA Ferropol , dosing = 20 ml for the aquarium) one hour after the water change.

Maintenance time per week

30 minutes.

How often do you need to empty and to clean the complete aquarium?

Your Goldfish Paradise can stay healthy and beautiful for many years with the above mentioned care. Redecorating your aquarium after a few years, if you wish, will be no problem.


2-3 x daily as much as the fish can eat in 2 minutes.

JBL NovoRed
Alimento principal em flocos para peixes-dourados
a partir de 2,99 €
Mais Mostrar produto
JBL GoldPearls
Alimento principal premium em granulado para caudas-de-véu
a partir de 19,45 €
Mais Mostrar produto

Special features

The aquarium shouldn’t be set up in a too bright place since direct sunlight promotes algae growth.


Many pond owners keep their goldfish inside in winter, since their ponds are not deep enough to overwinter them. Also for this purpose the “JBL Goldfish Paradise” could be the proverbial paradise!

Water treatment and water tests

Tap water is not always suitable for fish and needs to be treated to make it suitable for them with an appropriate water conditioner ( JBL Biotopol R ) before putting them in. Add a bacterial starter ( JBL Denitrol ) one hour later and you are ready to introduce the fish. Check the nitrite level of the water every 2 days during the first two weeks with the  JBL Teste de nitrito NO₂ to check the nitrite content of the water.

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