Here's how to add fish properly

Welcome New Arrivals!

You buy healthy fish and put them into your pond – and that’s it. This may work, but it can also lead to fish loss! Here are a few things to bear in mind, to ensure that all goes well.

For the fish a move is a serious matter. Alone the capture causes the fish a lot of stress. Wriggling in the net often damages the fish’s mucous membrane which is their protection against infection. That’s why fish are more susceptible to diseases after being captured than other fish. JBL AccliPond has been developed to make the move and the acclimatisation to the new environment and to new water values easier for the fish. It protects the mucous membrane and strengthens the fish’s resistance to disease.

JBL AccliPond needs to be INSIDE the transport bag before the fish so that its mucous membrane protecting agents can start working straight away. Before putting the animals into the pond it’s best to add a dose JBL AccliPond .

Your new fish need to get used to your pond’s water values slowly because the degree of hardness (minerals) and the pH value may vary greatly from what they are used to. The move into deviating water parameters causes the fish enormous stress! Therefore please open the transport bag straight away after arrival at your pond and add small quantities of water to the bag for half an hour. To get large koi used to the new values please put them in a tub. This way the new arrivals get used to the water temperature and the other new water parameters. Do by all means cover the tub to prevent the fish from jumping out.

Professional tip:

In addition to the temperature and the pH value, differences in the general and carbonate hardness matter greatly during the relocation of fish. Experts measure the GH (general hardness) and KH (carbonate hardness) in the transport water and in the pond. Ponds mostly have a lower hardness and their mineral content needs to be raised BEFORE the new fish are added. JBL StabiloPond Basis is suitable for such cases. Fish easily tolerate hardness differences of up to 5 °dH. If the differences are greater the water needs to be adapted.

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