Кормление в ваше отсутствие

Weekend and holiday feeding

Aquarium animals are the easiest pets to look after when you’re away! You can do a partial water change and filter clean just before you leave, and for feeding you can choose between:

Your neighbour
Ваш сосед перекармливает рыб

Yes, your helpful neighbour might offer to feed your fish. But: He or she may not know how much food to give and the usual tendency is to overfeed. This can lead to serious problems.

Weekend food
Размещение блока «корма выходного дня»

JBL PRONOVO BEL WEEKEND : One pack contains 4 food blocks. One food block provides approx. 15 ornamental fish with food for three days. The fish nibble on the food block and it slowly dissolves, gradually releasing the food it contains. The block consists of a calcium material which is absolutely unproblematic for the aquarium water.

Holiday food

A larger food block JBL PRONOVO BEL HOLIDAY provides 25 ornamental fish up to 10 cm in size with food for up to 14 days. A food block (3 are included) of JBL PRONOVO RED HOLIDAY provides 1-3 goldfish or veiltails with food for up to (3x) 6 days. The fish nibble on the food block and it slowly dissolves, gradually releasing the food it contains. The block consists of a calcium material which is absolutely safe in the aquarium water.

Automatic feeder
Засыпаем корм в AUTOFOOD

JBL AutoFood BLACK : This automatic feeder is a perfect solution. It feeds up to 4x daily (e.g. useful for young fish) amounts of food that you can select individually for each feeding. It can be filled with any granulate (NOT flake food!) up to 3 mm. As it holds up to 375 ml, it is also suitable for longer absences and, thanks to its battery operation, is not dependent on electricity. A 250 ml JBL Novo food tin can be screwed onto the top of the feeder to increase the food volume from 125 ml to 375 ml. An adapter ring is available for the new JBL PRONOVO tins whose diameter is not identical to the JBL Novo tins.

Автоматическая кормушка для рыб

Even weekend trips and holidays are no problem for your fish! JBL has an automatic feeder and feeding blocks for you which reliably take over the feeding of your fish and invertebrates in your absence.

The modern Автокормушка JBL PRONOVO AUTOFOOD in white or black can be attached to any aquarium pane or cover. If you don’t wish to do this, simply place the PRONOVO AUTOFOOD with its small suction cup feet over a food opening. It really does fit everywhere!

The programming is easy to manage even if you haven’t time to read the instructions: you can select between 1 and 4 feeds a day and for every feed the desired food quantity can be set separately. An air connection (optional) enables the drying of the food (all granulates up to 3 mm). The maximum filling capacity of 125 ml can be extended to 375 ml by directly screwing on a 250 ml food tin.

A little extra - when you screw on the container a built-in cutting edge opens the sealing foil of the tin! The required three AA batteries are of course included. Perfect technology really can look good! The holder for tins fits all the older 250 ml JBL Novo food tins and, by using the enclosed adapter ring, also the JBL PRONOVO food tins in 250 ml.

If your fish are used to flake food, switch them over to granulated food BEFORE using an automatic feeder, because only granulated food fits in automatic feeders! Fish that always get flake food sometimes need some time to adjust to granulated food, because with granulated food they have to bite like they would with a steak. If you’ve only eaten soggy cornflakes all your life, you’ll need time to get used to chewing your first steak.

Flakes are unsuitable for automatic feeders because they never fall evenly into the feed compartment of the built-in auger. Granules, on the other hand, fall so evenly due to their round shape that exact portioning is possible.

If you offer your fish different foods when feeding by hand, you can mix them, provided they are granulates, and put them into the automatic feeder. Tablet food won’t fit inside, but you can increase the amount of food on the JBL automatic feeder ( JBL AutoFood BLACK / JBL AutoFood WHITE ) so that some of the granulate sinks to the bottom and your bottom dwellers get enough food that way too. Catfish adapt immediately when they receive granulate instead of food tablets.

If, contrary to expectations, you cannot install an automatic feeder to your aquarium, you can still feed with holiday or weekend food during your absence. JBL PRONOVO HOLIDAY and JBL PRONOVO WEEKEND contain one or more food blocks which slowly dissolve in the aquarium water and thus supply your fish for a maximum period of 2 weeks.

Несколько слов о кукис перед тем, как продолжить

Сайт JBL также использует несколько видов кукис, чтобы предоставить вам полную функциональность и многие сервисы. Нам требуются технические и функциональные кукис, чтобы обеспечить работоспособность сайта, когда вы на него заходите. Мы также используем кукис для рекламных целей. За счет этого мы можем узнать вас, когда вы повторно посещаете наш сайт, таким образом мы можем оценить эффективность рекламных кампаний, а персональные кукис позволяют нам предоставлять вам напрямую персонифицированную информацию, адаптированную под ваши нужды - даже когда вы не находитесь на нашем сайте. Вы можете в любой момент определить - даже позднее - какие кукис вы разрешаете, а какие нет (подробнее по ссылке "Изменить настройки").

Домашняя страница JBL использует несколько видов куки, чтобы предложить вам все функции и многие сервисы: технические и функциональные куки нужны в обязательном порядке, чтобы всё работало во время посещения вами нашей домашней страницы. Дополнительно мы используем куки в целях маркетинга. Вы всегда — сейчас или позже — можете решить, какие куки допустить, а какие нет (см. больше в разделе "Изменить настройки").

В нашей "Политике конфиденциальности" вы узнаете, как мы обрабатываем личные данные и для каких целей мы используем обработанные данные. вы узнаете, как мы обрабатываем личные данные и для каких целей мы используем обработанные данные. Подтвердите использование всех куки-файлов, нажав на "Понятно", — и продолжайте!

Вам больше 16 лет? Тогда подтвердите использование кукис кнопкой "Согласен", и мы можем продолжить.

Выберите настройки кукис

Технические и функциональные кукис, чтобы все работало правильно, когда вы посещаете наш сайт.
Маркетинговые кукис, чтобы мы могли опознать вас на страницах нашего сайта и оценить успешность наших рекламных кампаний.

PUSH messages from JBL

What are PUSH messages? As part of the W3C standard, web notifications define an API for end-user notifications that are sent to the user's desktop and/or mobile devices via the browser. Notifications appear on the end devices as they are familiar to the end user from apps installed on the device (e.g. emails). Notifications appear on the end user’s device, just like an app (e.g. for emails) installed on the device.

These notifications enable a website operator to contact its users whenever they have a browser open - it doesn’t matter whether the user is currently visiting the website or not.

To be able to send web push notifications, all you need is a website with a web push code installed. This allows brands without apps to take advantage of many of the benefits of push notifications (personalised real-time communications at just the right moment).

Web notifications are part of the W3C standard and define an API for end user notifications. A notification makes it possible to inform the user about an event, such as a new blog post, outside the context of a website.

JBL GmbH & Co. KG provides this service free of charge, and it is easy to activate or deactivate.