Species-appropriate nutrition for tortoises

Desert tortoises and Mediterranean species have an identical diet. Dietary fibre is very important as it binds water in the intestine and thus increases the length of time water remains in the intestine. Tortoises basically stay away from anything that could be poisonous for them. Some plants and fruits, such as strawberries, are okay if they are fed in moderation. JBL foods always contain a healthy amount of fruit.

In addition to the following foods, some addition of fresh plants, salads (lettuce is nutritionally less valuable - the darker the lettuce, the better), fruit (no bananas) and vegetables (no tomatoes) is always a good idea. But even without any supplementary feeding, a sole diet of JBL PROTERRA foods for tortoises is healthy enough to provide the tortoises with a natural diet for the rest of their lives. Although the ingredients are dried, they cover the spectrum of their natural food!

Tortoises need to be fed daily. They cannot overeat on fresh herbs or JBL PROTERRA HERBIL. Other foods can be alternated and also fed daily. The turtles won't always eat everything, but leave the food out - they may eat it later. Just make sure you remove it before it spoils.

Dried food such as the four JBL PROTERRA foods can be soaked a little in water, e.g. using a spray bottle, as they then develop a stronger flavour and turtles recognise it as food much more quickly.

Make sure you have a food bowl that won’t tip over, so that you can see what and how much the tortoise has eaten. It is also easier to moisten the food in a stable bowl and the food is less likely to get dirty.

JBL PROTERRA TORTOISE MENU: Set with all 4 tortoise foods (3+1 FREE)

JBL PROTERRA HERBIL, healthy herbs
JBL PROTERRA VEGABIL, a variety of vegetables
JBL PROTERRA FRUCTIL, delicious fruits
JBL PROTERRA FLORSIL, natural flowers

Poisonous plants for tortoises are

Boxwood Water hemlock Rhododendron
Yew Autumn crocus Locust
Aconite Cherry laurel Common foxglove
Ferns Carbolineum Sagrotan
Pheasant's-eye Privet Snowdrop
Small yellow foxglove Daffodils Greater celandine
Golden chain Lily of the valley Black henbane
Hemlock Pyrethine-containing insecticides Nightshade
Cedar wood shavings

Please do not feed iceberg lettuce or citrus fruit. Do NOT feed bread or rolls soaked in water or milk. Water turtle food is also a no. Their food should should consist mainly of herbs (e.g. JBL PROTERRA HERBIL), as the phosphorus/calcium ratio here is a healthy 1:4. Fruit, flowers, etc. are always a welcome addition to their "main" herb food. Forest tortoise species may be given more fruit than desert and steppe tortoises.

A cuttlefish bone is suitable to supply the minerals they need, or simply sprinkle some JBL PROTERRA CACIUM POWDER on the food once a week. As a preventative measure or for sick turtles we strongly recommend a dedicated multivitamin preparation such as JBL PROTERRA TORTOISE FLUID. This prevents a possible overdoing of the vitamins A, D, E and K.

Feeding can be suspended for holiday periods up to one week long - but also remember to switch off the heat lamp to reduce the turtle's activity.

How much time do you need for tortoise keeping?

Tortoise keeping is really low maintenance. The substrate in the terrarium clumps together after a while and then needs to be replaced. You can’t just wash it!

Remove the droppings regularly. Give their consistency a brief visual check, as a change in faeces consistence can be a sign of a health problem.

Feed daily and monitor their feeding behaviour. This is an easy way to find out what the tortoises like to eat, what they don't like, and to check their eating patterns remain constant.

Tortoises need a lukewarm bath once a week. Alternatively, you can provide a permanent shallow bathing facility. If soiled (urine, faeces, substrate), the water needs to be changed. Do NOT place the bathing area under the heat lamp!

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