Optimum aeration for your aquarium
Diaphragm pump and air stones for sufficient oxygen

Are you looking for an air pump to aerate your aquarium? Check out the high-power & low-volume JBL air pumps for multiple aquarium sizes.

With the help of JBL air pumps you can increase the oxygen content in your aquarium water quietly and easily. Having enough oxygen in your aquarium water is vital for the fish! Strong gill movements in aquarium fish indicate a too low oxygen content in the water. If there are a lot of aquarium plants present, the oxygen content will drop sharply at night, because of the plants consuming oxygen then. They can only produce oxygen in the daytime during the lighting phase, so heavily planted aquariums need to be aerated at night. Additional aeration is also necessary when using medications or anti-algae agents. The oxygen content of your aquarium water can be determined quickly and reliably with the help of an oxygen test (JBL PROAQUATEST O2 Oxygen). The lowest oxygen content in the aquarium always occurs early in the morning.

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