Testes de água

Why and when do you need to test your pond water?

Water can look crystal-clear but still contain deadly poison, such as arsenic. Unfortunately we cannot identify the quality of the pond water visually. We only can say, whether it’s clear, cloudy or green. Only the water tests give us the opportunity, similar to the physician's stethoscope, to cast a glance into the “interior” of the water.

We need to test the most important water values, such as KH, pH and nitrite regularly (i.e. weekly). But we are only human and tend only to react when problems occur in the air and/or in the water.

How do water tests work?

It is much easier than a lot of people think!

At least the water values help us to find the cause of the problems and to solve them. There are two types of water tests available: colour change and colour comparison tests. During the colour change tests ( JBL PROAQUATEST GH Dureza total & JBL PROAQUATEST KH Dureza carbonatada ) you add an indicator drop by drop to your pond water sample and count the drops until the colour changes (e.g. from blue to yellow). The number of drops you needed for the colour change corresponds to the value of the carbonate hardness.

With the colour comparison tests you add indicators to your pond water sample, until you have a colour, which you can compare on a colour chart. The chart will tell you the corresponding value (e.g. the pH value 8.5). With these methods you can exactly determine ALL possible values of your pond water within about 30 minutes. A set waiting time can mean that a single test can last for a maximum of 20 minutes, but most tests can be done within a few minutes.

Use your smartphone to test the water!

Water testing was never easier and more precise

Alternatively, there is a new method for testing water with the help of your smartphone ( JBL PROSCAN ): Dip a multi-test strip into your pond water for 3 seconds, carefully tap the water off and put the test strip on the colour chart. Using our dedicated app, take a photo with your smartphone. Then the 5 most important water values are immediately displayed with recommendations on how to improve unfavourable values.

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