When Will We Have LED Lamps For Terraristics?

Unfortunately the stylish LEDs in our living rooms, car headlights and torches are not suitable for terrariums. LEDs which also emit UV light are finally being developed. By June LEDs with full spectrum lighting without UV-A and UV-B, for arachnids, frogs, terrarium plants and more, will be available from JBL.

The JBL LED lights will even have a PAR value (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) above 200! This is unique! But it doesn’t yet completely solve our terraristics problem.

Most terrarium animals urgently need significant amounts of UV-A and UV-B radiation. JBL already has trials with UV-emitting LEDs under way. But the results are either unaffordable or unsatisfactory. This is normal in the early stages of research.

Perhaps in a year’s time we will finally have the LED lighting for terrariums which we all want. Until then we need to be patient and continue using our UV spotlights. They’re not bad either, are they?

© 03.04.2018
Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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