A new JBL tool instead of breaking your fingers

Everyone who has tried to replace the axis bearing of an external filter knows the kind of contortions you had to perform with your fingers and all the different gadgets (from a toothpick to needle nose pliers) you had to use.

The plastic bearings at the end of the rotary axis sit deep in the recess that the rotor runs in and are extremely difficult to reach.

The new JBL CristalProfi Ferram. aux., apoio rotor, escova makes replacement easy as pie and also includes a matching brush for cleaning the rotor tunnel in order to maintain or restore the filter's performance. That is because dirt in this axial tunnel leads to a severe loss in performance (up to 20 %) of the filters. This new tool is a welcome means for facilitating filter maintenance!

A mini film shows how to use this new product Pulling aid for axial bearing replacement for external filters

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