Mr Ng, The Most Important Koi Man In Hong Kong

Mr Ng is a multimillionaire and lives the dream every koi enthusiast has: he owns ponds and houses with indoor tanks only for his koi, which definitely count among the best in Asia. He also breeds them, but he doesn’t sell them. No, he gives them away!

But this is not the only reason that he is the most important and most popular koi expert in Hong Kong. He invited the JBL biologist Heiko Blessin to tell him something about filter bacteria and pathogenic bacteria, since Mr Ng continually strives to optimise his pond technology. He had also heard about JBL ProPond food, but had not yet tried it out. Word of the way the JBL food distinguished between seasons and not only on water temperature had reached his koi farm in Hong Kong’s New Territories. He also asked for some underwater pictures of his koi, and Heiko Blessin granted this wish with his professional carbon housing, Canon single-lens reflex camera, fisheye lens and 250 Ws flash. Mr Ng wants to return the favour with a major koi event on his property. Who would have thought that there was such a huge koi scene in Hong Kong, a place so cramped, you can’t usually park your car!

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